Is The Three Of Swords The Heartbreak Card?

Can we talk about the Three of Swords? Lots of people think the Three of Swords (3 of Swords) in Tarot is the heartbreak card. So let’s talk about the Three of Swords meaning.

Let’s back up a bit first, though!

A quick back to basics

Before we talk about the Three of Swords, let’s go back to basics for a moment by remembering that each Tarot card is an entire universe, with so many meanings and complexity – just like life. 

Don’t limit yourself by believing that a Tarot card can only mean one thing! Just like there are so many different shades of every colour, you as a person are so complex, multilayered, and have so many different attributions. You’re not only your age, gender identity, profession, family status, your past, etc. 

You’re all of them, simultaneously. Isn’t that amazing? 

And similarly, any situation we encounter is not one-sided. Why? Situations exist because of us as beings. We bring the drama and intrigue! Every situation is experienced differently based on individual (or collective) previous experiences and underlying ways individuals or communities perceive the world (and biases – and no judgement! We all have biases that we can work to retrain). 

Let’s come back to the Three of Swords

The Three of Swords is not just the ‘heartbreak’ card. Sure, it can refer to sorrow. But it also speaks to strength, alignment and understanding.

And I especially love that many Tarot cards depict art that includes the heart and the swords. Swords correspond to the air element, which is about our thoughts, our mind. And so the Three of Swords reminds me of the Chinese character “xin” which is both “heart” and “mind”, because the heart is seen as the “seat of thinking and judgement”. 

This is about will and intent, and when you align your thoughts and emotions with that will and intent, think about all that you can accomplish for yourself!

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If you’re new to Tarot and heard that Tarot is evil or scary, you can read this post I wrote about that. You can also find lots of other empowering Tarot content over here.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

2 thoughts on “Is The Three Of Swords The Heartbreak Card?”

  1. This is an excellent post, Malumir! I love the idea that the heart is the seat of thinking and judgement. Another version of this is the yogic assertion that “the mind comes to rest in the heart.” I also see the 3 of Swords as conflict resolution or the meeting of minds. From a qabalistic perspective, 3 is Binah, the birthplace of language — where the letters first come together to form words.

    1. Completely agreed, Ruth Ann! So many layers of meaning contained in each card (and such a limited cap on Instagram captions, haha)! Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

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