It’s Halloween and the Veil is Thin! What That Means for You

Around this time of year, near Halloween, folks in spiritual communities talk about how the “veil” is thin (whether you’re in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere). The idea is that the energy is supportive of much easier access to spiritual insight. Especially through tools like the Tarot!

This doesn’t just relate to our spiritual selves, though! Around this time of year, we also tend to suddenly have revelations – spiritual or not!

Maybe something we’ve ignored, avoided, or haven’t truly seen about an area of our life suddenly becomes exceptionally clear. 

I bet you can relate. You may be questioning what you really want, realizing something needs to change or uncertain of how to make a leap. You can make use of this thinning veil time of the year to get a clearer view of all this!

Here is a Tarot spread to help you!

As always, you can use any kinds of cards you have. Or you can use them just as journaling prompts if you don’t have cards. In any case, I always recommend you do the journaling even if you do have cards. If you do, you’ll get even more insights!

Remember to tag me on social media if you use this – it always totally makes my day to see these in action! Please also share this (giving credit to me as the creator) with others who may enjoy this for Halloween!

The Halloween Thinning Veil Tarot Spread

Halloween Veil Is Thin Tarot Spread created by Malumir Logan of

The Questions

  1. Current status of the area of my life weighing on my mind
  2. What is being revealed to me about this issue
  3. How seeing what was previously hidden empowers me
  4. A ritual, or other personally meaningful actions I can take to align this area of my life with my Highest Self, Highest Joy, and Highest Abundance (THREE cards/actions!)

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Blessings and empowerment to you as you look through the thinning veil, to see You and your Whole Self

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