Just Announced! A Free 5-Day Challenge

Update: March 15, 2019: This free 5-day challenge is now complete. You can read below for more about how we journeyed together.

Starting on Monday (March 11th) at 7:30pm EST, I will be hosting the Personal Alchemy Challenge. It’s a free 5-day challenge to align your energy and time with what you really want in life.

  • When you take part in this challenge, you will begin a transformational 5-day journey that combines conscious tools with spiritual practice.
  • You’ll get a new workbook each day and a guided meditation over live video each night.
  • You will benefit from the spiritual support of distance Reiki and tarot if you choose.
  • The use of NLP throughout the guided meditations powerfully supports you to tap into your inherent strengths, skills and resources.

You’ve probably seen I’ve been updating my site with a new four-month coaching program. Although that intensive program works broadly across your life, sometimes we just have a smaller, near-term goal.

As you know from following my blog, I firmly believe in offering practical value that people can use in their everyday lives. I wanted to create a way for you to work on a more specific goal in a focused way.

That’s why I created this challenge. To help you pull together your resources in a way that aligns with something that’s important to you in the next little while.

I’m just so excited to travel this stretch of the journey with you, and I hope you’ll join me for this 5-day challenge!

You must reserve a FREE spot to join.

If you can’t attend the live videos, I will send you the replay, but you MUST sign up.

Questions? Message me on Instagram or contact me!

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