Let’s Chat Crown Chakra

Each week, I’ve been taking us through some common chakra issues. This week, we have reached the seventh and final chakra in the seven-chakra system! Let’s chat about the Crown chakra. Did you know I created Chakra Healing Tarot deck? Learn more here!

The Crown chakra is located immediately above your head, at the crown of your head, and corresponds to the colour lilac in the seven-chakra system. 

As I’ve shared before, it’s very common for everyone to have had issues with ALL of their chakras at some point in their life. Which is totally okay! You can help yourself recover from those. To help with that, it’s helpful to understand where some of your key chakra suppressions may be.

Common Crown chakra issues

Common issues related to the Crown chakra are feelings of disconnection to the Universe/deity, feeling a sense of separation to others, lacking social responsibility, or struggling to feel inspired.

Feeling separated from the divine, from the Universe, from others (and not just physically, but feeling like you just can’t have access or that they’re totally separate from you and inaccessible) is a common Crown chakra issue.

But so is the feeling that it’s okay to do whatever, regardless of the impact it has on others. The Crown chakra is all about connect to that which is beyond you, which also gets at social responsibility.

When we reach out to beyond ourselves, we receive inspiration because we allow ourselves to be open to Other, and open to new possibilities. 

It’s very common for folks who have left organized religion but haven’t explored spirituality to feel disconnected from the sacred. 

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