Let’s Chat Third Eye Chakra

Each week, I’ve been taking us through some common chakra issues. This week, let’s chat about the Third Eye chakra. Did you know I created Chakra Healing Tarot deck? Learn more here!

The Third Eye chakra is located in the centre of your brain (it’s not actually between your eyebrows), and is associated with the colour indigo (which is a deep purple) in the seven-chakra system. 

As I’ve shared before, it’s very common for everyone to have had issues with ALL of their chakras at some point in their life. Which is totally okay! You can help yourself recover from those. To help with that, it’s helpful to understand where some of your key chakra suppressions may be.

Common Third Eye chakra issues

Common issues related to the Third Eye chakra are self-doubt or disbelief related to spiritual perception, intuition, wisdom, sacred knowledge.

Every single person has spiritual abilities. That’s what our Third Eye chakra allows. We have the capacity for spiritual perception and intuition. 

But so many of us have been raised to worship hard materialist rationality that leaves no space for belief in what is unseen physically. 

And many of us have also been told not to trust ourselves. We were told growing up that the things we saw and perceived and just knew, were wrong or fake or we were making it up. This is further exacerbated for those of us who have experienced abuse, as the abusers tend to come up with all sorts of stories to make their victims remain silent.

That leads to major distrust of our intuition and inner knowing, which is all the Third Eye Chakra. It has taken years for me to reconnect with and trust my intuition. I bet many of you can relate. 

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