Let’s Send Collective Thoughts

This week’s post is a bit different.

Usually, I don’t talk about politics on here. Especially the politics of our US neighbours.

Some of you may be aware that I cancelled my newspaper subscriptions a year and a half ago.

It was depleting to be inundated by news of the latest constant, baldfaced lying and accusations of corruption and violence against women. Maybe you can relate.

Well, maybe it’s because of the intense energy happening this summer (which I’ve talked about on Instagram).

Perhaps it’s because of the reports of children that have been dying on US soil, their families treated as subhuman.

And maybe it’s because of the hate speech coming from the highest leadership the past week.

Regardless of why, my post today is a small request.

I’m asking that this week, on Wednesday, July 24th at 9pm EST, we find a few moments wherever we are, to send intentions of healing and love to the entire situation in the US.

Even if the US isn’t your country. It’s not about whose country and whose people these are. This isn’t just a US problem. This is a human problem.

Why send love instead of justice? Because where there is love, there can be no hatred.

Acorn + Burdock

Will you join me?

Even just a few minutes of choosing to send love to the US, its leadership, the human rights violations, to all the angry people, to all the people who are hurting.

Here are some ideas if you’re not sure how to summon up love for this situation:

  • Light a candle, and say out loud, or silently with determination, “Universe/God, I send love to all the hurting people and unjust structures in the US”.
  • Take a few grounding breaths, and picture anything about the US situation that upsets you, and imagine you’re creating bright light over and throughout the entire situation.
  • Say a prayer for healing of all the people, systems and structures in the US.
  • Any other high frequency/loving practices you can think of to send healing to a deeply troubling situation.

Thank you for taking a few moments of your day to share some light and love with an increasingly troubling situation.

Back to regularly scheduled programming next time!

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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