Let’s Talk Root Chakra!

As introduced in this post, each week I’ll chat a bit about each chakra so you can get to know the chakras. Today we’re talking the Root chakra. The Root chakra is located at the very base of your spine, and is associated with red. Did you know I created Chakra Healing Tarot deck? Learn more here!

Remember, it’s really common for everyone to have had issues with all of their chakras at some point in their life. And that’s okay, you can help yourself recover from those! But first, it’s helpful to understand where some of your key chakra suppressions may be.

Common Root chakra issues

Some common issues related to the Root chakra are safety, security and stability. This may look like having trouble feeling safe, or struggling to feel grounded.

You may also feel very defensive and may avoid any situation where you feel vulnerable. This can include making decisions about your body that aren’t healthy, but are an attempt to make yourself feel safer.

Root chakra issues can also stem from (and also result in) worries about having enough. 

Personally, these are all chakra issues I have had to work through, given my story (you can browse through content on this blog to find out more about that)! I suspect many of us have.

The deck pictured is Chakra Healing Tarot, and these are a few of the cards with Root chakra correspondences. The Minor arcana have just the one chakra, and the Major arcana have mostly two chakras that point to an important relationship between two chakras.

Chakra Healing Tarot is available to order here

You can check out the free Root Chakra Tarot Spread I created over here!

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