Let’s Talk Throat Chakra

Each week, I’ve been taking us through some common chakra issues. This week, let’s chat about the Throat chakra. Did you know I created Chakra Healing Tarot deck? Learn more here!

The Throat chakra is located at your throat, and is associated with the colour blue in the seven-chakra system. If you’re not sure about what chakras are about, check out this other post I wrote.

As I’ve shared before, it’s very common for everyone to have had issues with ALL of their chakras at some point in their life. Which is totally okay! You can help yourself recover from those. To help with that, it’s helpful to understand where some of your key chakra suppressions may be.

Common Throat chakra issues

Common issues related to the Throat chakra are self-expression, speaking your truth, ability to communicate.

To be clear – the Throat chakra is not only about vocally speaking (or ability to do so). It’s about communication and self-expression, which can be done or hindered in many ways.

If you have trouble communicating what your needs are, or you find that you hold yourself back when you have thoughts or input to provide – that’s a Throat chakra issue.

In terms of self-expression, we can express ourselves in so many ways, like in how we dress, behave, hold ourselves, and generally how we show up in the world. Even if those things aren’t obviously connected to your physical throat, those are related to the Throat chakra. 

If you struggle to express yourself or share your thoughts and feelings, if you perhaps hold back your self-expression, or if you feel the need to overcompensate by portraying yourself in a different or more extreme way than you really feel, that’s a Throat chakra issue. 

I’ve definitely experienced some of these chakra issues myself (especially on the holding back my thoughts, contributions and emotions). Maybe you can relate. 

You can find the Throat chakra card spread I created over here. You can use Tarot cards, oracle or other cards, or even just use the questions as journaling prompts if you don’t have cards.

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