Light for this Weekend’s Dark Moon

This weekend it’s the Dark Moon.

The Dark Moon comes right before the New Moon, and it’s called the Dark Moon because no light from the sun reflects on it during this time. Which means it’s hidden from our sight.

So I have created this gentle, introspective Tarot spread (or journaling prompts if you don’t have cards – we’re inclusive here!) to support you.

Grab a mug or glass of your favourite beverage, your journal (even if you do have cards, it’ll be even more supportive and empowering if you do Tarot jouraling), and your cards if you have any, and settle in for this nourishing and supportive reflection.

The questions are also included below if you prefer text to image.

March 2020 Dark Moon Tarot Spread and/or Journaling Prompts created for you by Malumir Logan of Acorn + Burdock


1) What was previously hidden from my awareness, and is now starting to surface?

2)How can I hold space for this and honour my needs?

3)Now that I know, how can I start to create an intention that serves my Highest Self?

I’ll be back here early next week with the next one to support you for the March 2020 New Moon! Remember to TAG ME on Instagram if you use this spread or do this journaling! It’s always lovely to see people finding these useful.

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