Look Twice. It’s A Chance, Not A Cage

Last week we looked at how we perfect the things we do over and over.

This means that if all we look at are the limitations or sh*tt*ness of a situation, then THAT is what we’re training our brains to look for.

YIKES! NOT GOOD!!! Stop doing that to yourself!!!

Because if you’re not literally incarcerated, then you have far more options than you may have noticed at first.

So the next time you’re faced with something that seems like a barrier, or a slammed door, or a rug pulled out from under your feet, choose to look for your opportunity.

Because I guarantee you there IS in fact an opportunity. A shift in how you see a situation is a huge and substantive moment that can change your life.

If you want some inspo…

You may want some inspiration on how to do this. Just scroll back through my “11 Days of Gratitude” posts from December:

Remember that you have way more options than you may think you do. So look twice and notice the opportunities in the situation. 

And if you are in fact incarcerated…or believe yourself to be lacking choice

Most people reading this are not literally in jail. If you’re not in an actual prison, then you have so many options.

Some folks may still be convinced they’re more trapped than they actually are. Or perhaps some readers are literally incarcerated. In either case, I recommend a book called High Magick by Damien Echols.

Read that book front to back. And then notice how your perspective may have shifted on the span of choice available to you.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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