Lunar New Year 2024: Wood Dragon Tarot Spread

You may know that I celebrate the Lunar New Year. In honour of that,  I hope you enjoy this card spread I created for you to use to start off your lunisolar in an empowering direction!

You can use any kind of cards, and multiple decks, if you like! Remember to do journaling when you pull your cards because you’ll get so much more out of it. You can check out this freewriting how-to if you’re not sure where to start.

Here’s a Lunar New Year Tarot spread. I hope you enjoy it!

Red and gold Chinese iconography creating a Tarot spread. Reads Happy Lunar New Year, Year of the Dragon, with love and blessings from @chakra.healing.tarot and @malumir.logan. Questions are typed out below the image at


The questions read:

  1. what small changes can I make that serve my wellbeing?
  2. where do I notice an opportunity to improve things around me?
  3. what is one action I can take to enhance my abundance?

May you receive the brightest blessings of excellent health, joy and prosperity in the year of the Wood Dragon!

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