Make the most of the “Super Blood Wolf Moon” lunar eclipse to reset yourself for 2019

Tonight just after midnight is the first Full Moon of 2019 (technically, 17 minutes into January 21st!). It’s called a super moon because it’s a full lunar eclipse, and the January Full Moon is traditionally known as the Wolf Moon among many Indigenous communities in North America. Today’s post is how you can take full advantage of this beautiful cosmic event to do a reset of what you want to bring into your life in 2019!

In a previous post, we walked through how to use the structure of the lunar cycle as a powerful tool to support your goals. Typically, the New Moon is a time for setting intentions, and the Full Moon is about bringing those into fruition.

If you missed out on setting an intention on January 5th (the first New Moon of 2019!), or if you want to add some juice to your New Year’s resolution or theme, you can still make the most of tonight’s Full Moon. All you need is something to write with (journal/paper and pen is ideal but a journaling app works too) and a bit of time.

Here’s what to do

Below I’ve adapted a typical new moon/full moon journaling approach a bit to fit both intention/theme-setting and release/resetting into one reflective journaling exercise.

Step 1: Grounding or sacred space

Take a few moments to ground and settle yourself using your favourite way of grounding, such as meditation or square breathing. There are also other grounding options in this post.

If you like to use candles, incense, crystals, or have other ways of making your space special-to-you, now’s the time to use them.

If you already set an intention or a New Year’s resolution, you can skip to step 3.

Step 2: Theme or intention

Think about a theme or intention that you have for yourself for 2019, or even just for the next few weeks. Write about what that intention/theme is.

  • Write a whole story about it, about what your life will look like when you’re experiencing whatever that intention or theme is.
  • Make sure you write in the present tense and in a positive way (e.g. “I feel vibrant and confident, I go about my conversations with power”).

Get all of the thoughts out of your head onto paper.

Step 3: Reflect

Then think about how things are going in your life, and how they’re helping (or not) your intention/resolution.

Are there any old patterns, thoughts, beliefs or past hurts that are no longer serving you?

  • Write down all of the things that no longer serve you, don’t hold back. Write down that you’re letting them go.
  • Revisit your intention and write about how releasing what no longer serves you will help you in your theme/intention.
  • Again, write in the present tense and positive, as if you have already released what doesn’t serve, and as if you’re already experiencing your theme/intention (e.g. “I release the fear of what people might think. I embrace abilities and personal power.”).

Step 4: Welcoming the good stuff

Next, write out all the things that you DO welcome into your life.

  • Write about the ideas and feelings and ways of being that you welcome into your life that support or reflect your theme/intention.
  • Think of these as broader concepts as opposed to specific tasks or activities. For example, “I welcome joyful relationships with people around me. I welcome confidence in my decisions.”

At the end, write, “So it is!”. Spend a few moments in gratitude and ground yourself again when you’re ready to wrap up. If you used a candle, you can let it burn out or snuff it out.

Enjoy this, and happy Full Moon!

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