March 2020 New Moon – Astrological New Year Sets the Tone for the Next 12 Months

With this New Moon on March 24th, it’s a new astrological year! That means it’s Aries season.

Energetically, things are INTENSE – which is further amplified by the current events happening globally. 

Energetically, the next four weeks are important for you from a mindset and heart centre perspective.

This New Moon Tarot Spread and/or journaling prompts will help you get yourself established and rooted in where you want to be within yourself.  

This time matters.

Regardless of whether you do this reflection exercise, YOU’LL BE SETTING THE TONE FOR YOURSELF FOR THE NEXT 12 MONTHS!

And since we’re all spending so much time with ourselves for the next while, this is more important than ever. 

Your intention could range widely, and you should notice whatever comes up for you as your intention.

I’ve noticed some people have been keen on staying positive, while others are getting more in touch with intuitive and spiritual abilities, and others are looking to feel more peace. Feel out and notice what pops into your mind and set your intention around that.

Using the spread/journaling prompts

For this spread, you will actively select the first card (if you’re using a deck). Just turn your deck face up and leaf through the cards to find the card that feels like your intention for the coming weeks in this moon cycle. 

Look below for the questions if it’s easier to read than the graphic I created.

  1. How do I most want to FEEL over the next four weeks?
  2. How can I support this intention? 
  3. What hurdle can I expect will arise?
  4. What strengths and abilities can I call on to overcome this hurdle?

Enjoy this, and please tag me on Instagram if you use this!

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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