Meditation to Celebrate the Returning Light and Lengthening Days

With the winter solstice behind us, the days now begin to gently lengthen and brighten in the Northern Hemisphere over the coming months.

This week I am taking time off for Christmas (which I celebrate in addition to the winter solstice).

Instead of a full blog post, today I offer a small meditation for you. My suggestion, if you have the time, is to do this little meditation daily this week toward the start of the new year.

New light meditation

Candle + breathwork (concentrative)

  • Find a candle – a white one if you’re into candle work, otherwise any light coloured one is perfect, or whatever you have on hand. As usual, make sure you’re being fire-safe.
  • Light the candle and settle into a comfortable seated position.
  • Take a few grounding breaths (I suggest square breathing if you don’t have a go-to for grounding breaths).
  • Once your breath has slowed and deepened, gently gaze at the candle as you continue to breathe slowly and deeply.

Bright light visualization/sensing (contemplative)

  • Close your eyes, and imagine a ball of bright light in a happy-to-you colour.
  • Even if you don’t see the light, sense or feel it.
  • With your eyes closed, continue to gently “gaze” or feel the bright light for a few minutes.
  • Remember that if you notice your mind wandering – that’s great! You noticed! Gently return your internal attention back to the bright ball of light.
  • When you feel ready, let the bright ball float away.

Returning to present + gratitude

  • Gently take a deep breath down into your belly, and exhale it out your mouth. Do this two more times.
  • Start to wiggle your fingers and toes, and gently bring your awareness back to the candle sitting in front of you.
  • Offer a thanks to yourself for taking this time for yourself and notice how you feel.
  • Snuff the candle out when you’re done. Consider journaling about the experience.

As the days continue to lengthen, my wish to you is for the light to do the same within your life, casting its warmth and nourishment toward your growth.

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