Meet the Writer: Commitment

The fifteenth and final in a fifteen-part short series, Meet the Writer. These posts were originally written as part of a #meetthewriter challenge facilitated by author Beth Kempton.

I’ve always been one of those upholder types who keeps my commitments to myself. (Check out The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin if you’re not sure what I mean by “upholder”).

Being an upholder also means that I feel there is something deeply intimate about what my commitments are, and although I’m always very open about things I’ve been through, I’m not careless with how I share my emotions. Boundaries are important to me.

This has also come to mean that I tend to keep my goals, which to me are a form of commitment, private. In addition to maintaining healthy boundaries, this gives my efforts and goals the space to expand and shift as they need.

Lots of folks benefit from accountability partners, but for upholders, our issue isn’t in not keeping our commitments, because we do. Rather, our biggest issue is usually that we’re far too hard on ourselves or push too hard for perfection or we don’t celebrate the small wins because we’re so focused on the big goal. All of which have also been true for me.

So what I am willing to share in response to this prompt on what my writing commitments are for this coming year, are these learnings about myself: that I have been putting effort into exploring, being curious in my writing, allowing my body to set the limits at this time, and in celebrating the small wins.

It’s been a thought-provoking 15 days, participating in this “meet the writer” challenge facilitated by Beth Kempton and I look forward to seeing where my writing (or dictating) and I go next.

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