Meet the Writer: Handwriting

The third in a fifteen-part short series, Meet the Writer. These posts were originally written as part of a #meetthewriter challenge facilitated by author Beth Kempton. 

Handwriting. These days I can often write a paragraph or so by hand, but it’s extremely messy because I’ve also become quite uncoordinated with the vertigo. I usually have excellent fine motor skills (hi, former makeup artist, here!).

A notebook with scrawled handwriting in blue ink rests on a wooden surface, a light-coloured pen with metal details resting above the notebook. A mug and plate with a partially eaten berry scone are also on the table.
Mostly illegible writing compared to usual

Apart from the lacking legibility right now, I do generally enjoy writing by hand. There’s something about the way the words, thoughts and completely new ideas just flow when the pen glides across the page.

For long form fiction, I prefer typing in writing and reviewing “sprints” (borrowing from my experience in Agile methodology), which is why I haven’t been able to continue yet with a longer piece I had started.

For shorter pieces, I can use the dictation app, though I’m still finding it difficult.

But there really is something magical about the way the words flow onto paper. Many of the pieces I’m most proud of were initially crafted that way.

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