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The first in a fifteen-part short series, Meet the Writer. These posts were originally written as part of a #meetthewriter challenge facilitated by author Beth Kempton.

Before the vertigo started, I would sit at my desk with a view out the window to our calm, little backyard. This small home office space feels like a sanctuary, even though the desk shares this very crowded room with a Peloton and Chakra Healing Tarot deck inventory and shipping supplies.

A person wearing a collared shirt and with dark and white curly chin-length hair and tortoiseshell glass frames leans against a bookshelf and makes direct eye contact with the camera.
The author by the bookshelf

The cozy comfort emanates from the large IKEA bookshelf that I’ve had for over 15 years. I have collected classics for 25 years, and this bookshelf holds all of these stories, insights and learning. The bookshelf is also host to a few pieces of art that speak to me, and two pothos plants that I propagated myself after saving one from a previous owner who self-admittedly couldn’t even be bothered to water it.

A view of a small table hosting a salt lamp, Tarot cards, notebook, and another table with a plant on it, all in front of a window.

Currently, as I continue work on getting back the health and function of my vestibular system (which includes my ability to read), my view is frequently of our fireplace, which is the main source of heat in the house. The love emitted from the tiny little love who enjoys snuggling by the fire during these colder months fills this view with joy.

Another frequent view is of the living room window from my comfortable armchair nook. I’ll admit that my least favourite view is of the ceiling on the many days that I am restricted to horizontal existence.

A ceiling viewed from a horizontal perspective, looking up.
View of the ceiling

Nonetheless, I’m very grateful for dictation software on my phone that allows me to write content like this small reflection.

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