Meet the Writer: Writing as a Doorway

The sixth in a fifteen-part short series, Meet the Writer. These posts were originally written as part of a #meetthewriter challenge facilitated by author Beth Kempton. 

Thinking of writing as a doorway tickles my brain. As a Tarotist, every card is so many things – a mirror, an anthology, a door.

Growing up, I remember children’s reading campaigns promising that you could go anywhere in your mind by reading books.

My experience during my current debilitation – especially with my current inability to read books – has been that I can go anywhere by writing. Even if the writing takes place by dictation (doesn’t feel the same but it is what it is).

There is a door to inspiration everywhere. The other day, I created a story from simply glancing out the window and picking up on the details of a dog walker passing by. A moving story developed out of the small details of that moment.

I believe that any moment or memory holds details that can become their own doorways to stories. If we can allow ourselves the space and attention to those details, we can always find our way to something special.

Although I don’t know where this writing portal is taking me broadly, it’s the one passage I can currently make.

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