Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Tarot Spread

This post shares a Tarot spread in honour of the Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as the Moon Festival). Let’s chat about the card positions which can also be used as journaling prompts, and then let’s dive into this Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake spread!

Mid-Autumn Festival

This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival is on September 29th! I am doing a bit less cooking this year than I usually would, but there will absolutely still be mooncakes! Traditionally, the Mid-Autumn Festival is all about family and celebrating together. I don’t have all that much family in general, and I don’t have anyone left on the Chinese side at all. But! If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know that I firmly believe in reframing our perspective in empowering ways.

So while it might be common to think that it’s sad not to have any living relatives to celebrate this important day with, the reality is that I have my chosen family which I’ve created very intentionally and with great focus and love over the years. And I have my loving ancestors whom I honour every day in my sacred practice, weekly in an ancestral veneration practice, and throughout the year on special occasions.

I’ve created this spread to capture some of the foundational aspects of the Moon Festival. Love, sweetness and luck!

Love, sweetness and luck

Position 1: Love

In this spread, love speaks to all kinds of high-quality love. This can mean a healed and loving relationship with yourself (after all, your relationship with yourself, and how you engage with yourself, treat yourself, speak to and think about yourself, ignore and avoid yourself – that relationship is your most crucial love relationship!).

It can also mean connection to a higher power you may believe in, loving connection to those who came before you (such as loving ancestors), connections with high quality friends, or to animals and nature, or romantic love.

But I encourage you to think broadly about love. And you’ll also notice the way the card prompt is worded: it’s about a practical action that you can take.

Position 2: Sweetness

This prompt helps us to reflect on where there are already areas of our lives that are joyful, comforting and supportive.

Even if you’re going through a rough patch where these areas of sweetness may feel more like specks, think of it like a sprinkle donut. Any individual sprinkle may be small, but the more you focus on that sprinkle, the more you will start to notice other little sweet sprinkles in your life.

What you pay attention to grows in importance in your unconscious mind, which also tells you what to focus on! It becomes a cycle, so it’s a really powerful tool to find those sprinkles and pay attention to them, so your unconscious mind knows to amplify your experience of the good things in your life. And practicing intentional gratitude for those things also helps to magnify these positive effects!

Position 3: Luck

External forces regularly play a role in our lives, that’s just a fact. And yet, we always have the ability to choose how we respond (even if only internally). It’s powerful to choose to respond in a way that actually serves your wellbeing, when you’re faced with external circumstances that may not always feel ideal.

And again, the more you a) redirect your thoughts and attention to the actions you can take to increase the quality of loving presence in your life, and b) practice gratitude and enjoyment of the things that are good in your life, even if they’re currently small, then the more you allow space and possibility for the magnification of lucky breaks and positive opportunities that do arise.

I’ve also positioned the wording of this prompt as a blessing that will state the intent to the universe that each person using this spread receive a blessing.

The spread and questions

Here are the questions, typed out:

  1. Love: practical action I can take to generate more high-quality love in my life
  2. Sweetness: where there is already sweetness in my life that I can enjoy and practice gratitude for
  3. Luck: A tangible blessing that is coming to me, and that will be multiplied if I do the actions from positions 1 & 2

Please do share this spread, and remember to tag me as the creatrix. I created this as a Tarot or card spread, but you can use any kind of intuitive tool you like! You can even just use these as intuitive journaling prompts if you prefer.

As always, I strongly recommend journaling, even if you are using cards or other tools; it’s always amazing to notice just how much more you get out of a reading when you journal your reactions, thoughts and feelings.

If you love Tarot or love to support small indie deck creators, check out the Shop!

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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