Now More than Ever

Now more than ever does it matter how you manage your mindset.

No, this is NOT about shaming anyone for feeling scared about coronavirus. You know I’ve said a bazillion times that sometimes, things happen that are completely beyond our control, and that in those situations, the only thing we have say over is how we move forward. 

No matter where you are on the spectrum of emotions, from feeling freaked out through to invincible, know that I hold this space for you.

Why does it matter that we manage our mindsets now more than ever?

Because what this Covid-19 pandemic has created is significant uncertainty.

It’s uncertainty about the most basic, primal needs. That’s what health is. Fear from mass uncertainty is why people are freaked out about pantry items and toiletries. 

In times of change and uncertainty, when sh*t gets real, that is the VERY TIME to really pay attention to our thought patterns. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful. Your thoughts have the ability to shift you to a place of calm and resilience. 

But when you let your thoughts run rampant, and do not gently guide them back to a constructive place, it contributes to a vicious cycle (but you can make it a virtuous cycle!).

What you can do

Here’s what I suggest for managing your emotions and mindset during these uncertain times:

1) Know that when you bump up against the edge of your comfort zone, it means you have reached the prime opportunity to grow as a person (which opens more doors of opportunity for you in the future!). Check out the graphic I made in this previous post that illustrates this!

2) Engage in some kind of movement. As a Reiki Master, I’ve seen how we hold emotions (incl stress) in our bodies, often without realizing it. Movement allows you to bring in liveliness, oxygen and use into your whole system, and release those unserving energies and stresses.

3) Give yourself an outlet for your thoughts, emotions and experiences during this time. Whether you choose journaling or freewriting (see the freebie I created for you if you want to try your hand at freewriting! It’s super cathartic!), or if you choose to meditate (also check out all the free meditation articles and routines here on my blog!). Or maybe you paint, draw, write poetry, sing or share your thoughts on video. Just do something that allows all those experiences from WITHIN to come OUT.

4) Stay or become connected via phone, email, video chat or other outlet with others. Connection matters, no matter how naturally introverted or extroverted you find yourself. 

You’ve got this. Wash your hands. Be good to yourself. We will all get through this time of change and uncertainty together. 

Blessings and empowerment to you. From my heart to yours.

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