October Full Moon in Aries Tarot Spread

The energy of this weekend’s full moon is an interesting combination this moon cycle. There’s the action-oriented, forward motion of Aries and the contemplative, wounded healer energy of Chiron in retrograde. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means, you don’t actually need toThe October Full Moon Tarot Spread below will do all the work, all you need is an open heart and some time to reflect with your favourite deck or other intuitive tool.

October Full Moon

This weekend’s full moon reflects back to us the importance of trusting and honouring our true needs – the ones aligned with our deepest heart of hearts.

This involves both reflection and tangible action; courage and kindness.

On my current journey with grief, my creative process is taking time to recover. I go with the flows when they arise, and today I felt inspired to create this spread to share with you in advance of this weekend’s full moon.

As always, I believe in making supportive and empowering choices, so you’ll see the card positions are framed in these ways. You can use Tarot or oracle or any other intuitive or spiritual tools you use.

If this helps you, please do share it with others so that it might help them, too.

The spread

Here’s the spread I created to help you this weekend. You could also always just used the questions as journaling prompts if you don’t have any decks or intuitive/spiritual tools. But either way, I always recommend journaling your reflections. You can find out about how to journal effectively over here.

October Full Moon in Aries and Chiron Retrograde Tarot Spread by acornandburdock.ca

The questions are typed out here, in case it’s easier:

  1. A need I have, that will benefit me if I choose to trust and honour that need.
  2. An area of my life experiencing healing beneath the surface.
  3. A tangible action I can take to connect to this healing.
  4. Something that I am grateful for and can remind myself of daily.
  5. A tangible action I can take to ensure my need is met during this time.

If you enjoyed this, there’s lots more content like it over here. And if you love Tarot, you might love the indie deck (and 200-page guidebook!) Chakra Healing Tarot that I created.

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