OMG It’s December. But It’s Not Too Late.

And suddenly, it’s December.

This has NOT been the year most folks planned on having. So many cancelled plans and lost opportunities.

But! There are still a few weeks left in this year. And where there is time and a will, there is a way to create something for yourself that serves you.

There’s still time

Between now and December 21, 2020, what experience will you create for yourself that honours the reality we’re all in, and serves you in a way you need?

This does not have to be anything big. Perhaps it’s something small. Maybe you finally do that idea you’ve been thinking about since March. Or, maybe you release that idea and do something else instead.

The point is to do something or create some kind of experience for yourself that serves you and makes you feel good, with what time there is left in this year.

Take between now and December 21st, be safe with it, and do that thing for yourself.

Why December 21st?

It’s the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere). Which is a turning point in the season, and an energetically significant one this year.

So take advantage of the building energy and do something good for YOU that, no matter what, you can look back on and be proud that you did. 

I’ll check back in on how it went closer to December 21st. 

If you struggle at the best of times with the festive season, check out this other post I wrote.

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