Open To The Magic: The Hummingbird

I’ve lived in so many kinds of places across Ontario. The big city, small cities, rural townships, small-town Ontario, the suburbs. 

It’s been about 20 years since I lived in a really rural area. There is a potholed dirt road that winds through escarpment, and I lived off that dirt road for a few years.

In that area, summertime meant visits from beautiful little hummingbirds. They would play and feed on the sugar water. I haven’t seen a hummingbird for two decades. 

Until recently. 

I’ve lived mostly in Toronto for 15 years, and have never once seen a hummingbird in the city. I am aware that they do visit the city in the summer, but I’ve never encountered one here. We have LOTS of other birds here, and our balcony is regularly visited by adorable little chickadees which are very common in Ontario.

And then this weekend, as I sat working on the balcony, I was shocked to be visited by a lovely little hummingbird.

The hummingbird flew and hovered above the balcony rail. I sat there in shock and wonder, expecting the little creature to fly off rapidly. But they didn’t. This little wonder hovered and made soft chirps, looking in my direction the whole time. The hummingbird hovered within a 3 foot range, staying above the balcony railing, gently chirping.

I couldn’t resist saying “Hi!” in return and delight, again expecting my voice to frighten off the little beauty.

Hummingbird drawing by Malumir R. Logan.

Instead, this tiny visitor kept looking in my direction, softly chirping, hovering back and forth. This delightful visit lasted about 15 seconds, and I sat in awe and gratitude. 

The lovely little one flew off, leaving me filled with honour and joy to have been gifted such an unexpected visit.

What a lovely and unexpected gift, and I wanted to share it as a reminder to be open to receiving completely unexpected good things. And to remember that being open in heart and mind to what “good” looks like allows the opportunity for a wider breadth of good things.

Drawing of the hummingbird is by yours truly. 

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