Rethinking Relationships: A Happy Home?

It’s February, which many think of as either a month for love and lovers, or as a painful month. So here is a series of brief blog posts that rethink relationships, and offer you the opportunity to think about reclaiming how you think about relationships. Today we talk about the 10 of Cups and 10 of Pentacles cards and how you think about family.

Whether you love February or dislike it, let’s look at some archetypes of love and think about them in empowering ways.

10 of Cups and 10 of Pentacles

The Waite-Smith Tarot card of the 10 of Cups shows what appears to be a nuclear family – two people embracing and celebrating together under a rainbow, with two children dancing nearby. This card often suggests a happy home, happy family and successful relationship.

The Waite-Smith Tarot card of the 10 of Pentacles shows a male-expressing person looking toward two adults who are deep in conversation (or is it an argument?), with a young child at their heels, and two dogs. This card often suggests that money is taking precedence, or is pre-eminent in a familial situation (neutrally or not).

10 of Chalices and 10 of Pentacles in Chakra Healing Tarot, created by

In Chakra Healing Tarot, I reframed a few of the cards to be empowering for you in different ways. With the 10 of Chalices, Chakra Healing Tarot depicts a person who is dancing under the Northern Lights with 9 other people. Love and connection isn’t just for families. Community can look like a lot of things, and this card invites you to think about who your communities are and how you can create more connection in your life through community.

With the 10 of Pentacles, Chakra Healing Tarot depicts one person who is swinging from a tree swing. We appear to see them in their very own secret garden, where they are content, satisfied and have all their needs met. This card asks you to question your relationship with security and safety, and what you need to feel you can simply be.

There are still ways of picking up on the concepts held within the Waite-Smith. But these cards in Chakra Healing Tarot invite you to think more deeply about your beliefs about family and security.

Deck is Chakra Healing Tarot (available now). Cards are 10 of Chalices and 10 of Pentacles. Chakra correspondence is Root (red).

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Blessings and empowerment to you.

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