Rethinking Relationships: Drinking With Friends?

It’s February, which many think of as either a month for love and lovers, or as a painful month. So here is a series of brief blog posts that rethink relationships, and offer you the opportunity to think about reclaiming how you think about relationships. Today we talk about the 3 of Cups card and the quality of your friendships.

Whether you love February or dislike it, let’s look at some archetypes of love and think about them in empowering ways.

3 of Cups

The Waite-Smith Tarot card of the 3 of Cups depicts 3 female-expressing people who appear to dance in a circle with cups raised into the air. There is a feeling of celebration among women, and perhaps an encouragement to loosen up and enjoy the good things in life.

In Chakra Healing Tarot, I reframed a few of the cards to be empowering for you in different ways. With the 3 of Chalices, Chakra Healing Tarot depicts three people who are also joyfully playing together in a watery palace. Are they just hanging out? Are they on their way somewhere together?

3 of Chalices in Chakra Healing Tarot, created by

There are still ways of picking up on the concepts held within the Waite-Smith. But the 3 of Chalices also invites you to think about the quality of your friendships, and whether you can express your true self openly with your friends, and be fully welcome, celebrated and respected.

Deck is Chakra Healing Tarot (available now). Card is the 3 of Chalices. Chakra correspondence is Throat (blue).

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Blessings and empowerment to you.

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