Rethinking Relationships: Lovers, Romance And…Wait, Are You Paying Attention?

It’s February, which many think of as either a month for love and lovers, or as a painful month. So here is a series of brief blog posts that rethink relationships, and offer you the opportunity to think about reclaiming how you think about relationships. Today we talk about the Lovers card and ask where your attention is.

Whether you love February or dislike it, let’s look at some archetypes of love and think about them in empowering ways.

Lovers Card

The Waite-Smith Tarot card of the Lovers depicts male-expressing and female-expressing people who stand below an angelic figure. The female-expressing person and the angel exchange a look while the male-expressing person appears stare at the other figure. This card can speak to love and passion, wandering interest or other relationships of intense intimacy.

In Chakra Healing Tarot, I reframed a few of the cards to be empowering for you in different ways. With the Lovers, Chakra Healing Tarot depicts two individuals in a luxe space, embracing each other sensually. One of the figures looks at us seductively. Or are they emphasizing a point to us?

Lovers Card in Chakra Healing Tarot created by

There are still ways of picking up on the concepts held within the Waite-Smith. But the Lovers also invites you to notice where your attention is in some very important area of your life. Whether it’s a relationship with people, yourself, your work or creations, or something else in your life that captivates you – where is your attention, and are you investing your attention in a way that reflects who you are as a person?

Deck is Chakra Healing Tarot (available now). Card is the Lovers. Chakra correspondences are Third Eye and Solar Plexus (indigo and yellow).

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Blessings and empowerment to you.

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