Rethinking Relationships: Marriage And Wedding Bells To Bring Joy?

It’s February, which many think of as either a month for love and lovers, or as a painful month. So here is a series of brief blog posts that rethink relationships, and offer you the opportunity to think about reclaiming how you think about relationships. Today we talk about the 4 of Wands and marriage.

Whether you love February or dislike it, let’s look at some archetypes of love and think about them in empowering ways.

4 of Wands

The Waite-Smith Tarot 4 of Wands depicts two female-expressing people who appear to be working together in an outdoor space; often, this card is associated with marriage or the idea of a happy home.

In Chakra Healing Tarot, I reframed a few of the cards to be empowering for you in different ways. With the 4 of Wands, Chakra Healing Tarot depicts one individual who is leaping into the air in a sacred cave. This person is filled with heartfelt alignment, energy and joy.

There are still ways of picking up on the concepts held within the Waite-Smith. But the 4 of Wands also invites you to ask whether happiness truly comes from outside of yourself, or whether your finding joy within yourself bursts externally from within you.

4 of Wands in Chakra Healing Tarot created by

Deck is Chakra Healing Tarot (available now). Card is 4 of Wands. Chakra correspondence is Heart chakra (green).

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Blessings and empowerment to you.

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