Risky Business (You’ve Done This Before)

So that decision that’s been on your mind. You know the one. One of the main things that have been holding you back has probably been the risk. 

Risk can feel scary – it’s all those unknowns, the possible losses! Loss aversion is real, and anyone who has ever experienced loss will totally understand. 

I have a slightly different perspective on taking risks. It’s something I’ve been doing unconsciously for a while. And lately, my ancestors have been driving the point home to me (sometimes it takes me a bit to have that “aha” moment when they share their wisdom with me…I’m grateful for their patience). Perhaps you will find it useful. 

It’s simple, really.

Here it is. You’ve probably already taken a similar risk before. In fact, you’ve probably already been there, done that. The only issue is that previously, you may have only focused on situations that didn’t work out (hence the risk aversion). 

But what about if you thought about a time when you took a smart and informed risk, and it worked out? 

See? You’ve actually done this before. Taken a risk in a smart way that serves your goals and joy. 

Something I love about the 5 of Cups card in the Tarot is that it reminds us that we have a choice. Some people will keep obsessing over the 3 cups that have fallen over and broken. And ALL of us have the opportunity to turn our attention to what we DO have going for us. 

As you think through the risks of the decisions you’re facing, I encourage you to remember that you actually already know how to make informed and smart risks that serve the future you want to experience.

Yes, you can.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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