Root Chakra Check-Up: Root Chakra Tarot Spread and Journaling Prompts

Here’s the next in a series of supportive Tarot spreads (which double as journaling prompts) to help you connect with your chakras! This one is to help you tap into your Root chakra. The Root chakra is all about our sense of safety and security. It’s what allows you to feel grounded, and vulnerable when you want to be.

The Root chakra is also a place where we often store traumas associated with lack of safety. This gentle spread will help you check in with your Root chakra.

As a Reiki Master, I’ve seen how important it is for us to be fully connected with our physical bodies, and our energy bodies. They affect each other. And learning how to tune into your chakras is a really good way of doing that! 

Feel free to share the spread, and remember to credit me as the creator.

The questions, typed out:

  1. Health of my Root chakra at this moment
  2. How I feel about safety and security 
  3. An area of my life that supports my security and stability
  4. An area of my life that needs attention to help me be more more grounded
  5. How I can improve the health of my sense of safety and security

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