how to pull tarot cards: selected theme Lenormand-style

Series: How To Pull Tarot Cards: Selected Theme Lenormand-Style

For those of you who are newer to Tarot, I’ve created a few posts to share some simple how-tos on pulling Tarot cards. Today I’m sharing a variation of the 3-card Lenormand-style spread. Like the previous post, I’m sticking with three cards to keep this simple but there are Lenormand styles of reading that use more cards.

Before you begin

The following instructions will appear at the start of each Tarot pull 101 how-to:

I always recommend that you do something to get into a focused, intentional state before slinging your cards. Some people take a few breaths, others set up protective energy circle around them, still others say a prayer, and yet others simply state (out loud or silently) their intention to receive wisdom from a place of highest vibration. Do whatever is right for you.

Selected theme Lenormand-style

Chakra Healing Tarot by Malumir R. Logan

Step 1: As you think about the question you’re bringing to the cards, think of what theme you want. Perhaps this is a feeling you want to have, an outcome you’re hoping for, or another card that sums up the situation. You are going to ACTIVELY SELECT that card from your deck. 

Step 2: Turn your deck face-up and go through it, and actively select ONE card as your theme. In this example, I selected the Chariot card.

Devil card in Chakra Healing Tarot by Malumir R. Logan

Step 3: When you find that one card, look at the cards before it and after it, and place all three in that same order face-up onto your reading space. In this example, 7 of Wands came before the Chariot, and the Devil card came after the Chariot so I pulled all three in that order.

7 of Wands, Chariot and Devil cards from Chakra Healing Tarot by Malumir R. Logan

Steps 4 – 7: Now, you can read this in the same way as I described in the first Lenormand-style pull. Outer left and centre read together, then outer right and centre read together, then both outer cards read together. Then all three together.

IF YOU TRY THIS: Tag me on Instagram at @chakra.healing.tarot or on Facebook. and let me know what your experience is like with it! Enjoy!!

Deck is Chakra Healing Tarot created by Malumir R. Logan. Art by E.C. Mazur. This deck is available now.

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