Shadow Card In Chakra Healing Tarot

One of the stretch goals for Chakra Healing Tarot during the Kickstarter campaign was the Shadow card that makes the bonus 79th card for this print run of Chakra Healing Tarot!

It’s been wonderful to see all the messages and questions about this card. As promised, here’s the guidance for approaching this card.

Card: Shadow

Chakra: Root, Third Eye 

Chakra healing message: You didn’t have a choice. A painful chapter of your life (whether past or present) was not your fault and was not your choice. It made you feel unsafe or vulnerable, and it’s been preventing you from trusting yourself. 

While Shadow is not part of the system of Tarot, this extra card is included to point to the fact that each of us has unacknowledged pain. Sometimes this doesn’t feel overt. It could just be that we’re living out someone else’s generational story, but in a way that doesn’t serve us.

Notice what your immediate reaction is to this card. Where in your body do you feel it? What experiences come to mind for you? Make a note of what pops up for you. Paying attention to and learning to trust your intuition is a crucial part of healing your relationship with your energy body.

The more that you honour your body’s needs, the more healing you bring to your relationship with your physical and energy body. Likewise, the more that you actively pay attention to your intuition and allow it to be heard, the more healing you bring to your relationship with your higher wisdom. 

Vibrant key phrases: transforming unserving beliefs, overcoming self-doubt, actively healing old trauma, effective shadow work

Suppressed key phrases: need for shadow work, unacknowledged trauma, fear of trusting self, fear of your own power, diminishing self

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