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3-Card Mystery Reading in an Envelope: Cat Aura Tarot (free shipping)


3-card reading in an envelope for those times you need some guidance. Also makes a perfect gift that can be mailed in regular post to your friends and loved ones. Physically mailed to your shipping address. Includes 3 cards from Cat Aura Tarot. Use your intuition to interpret the message.

All prices are CAD.

For those times that you really need the guidance from a reading! When you order this reading envelope, you’ll receive 3 randomly-selected cards from Cat Aura Tarot in the mail. The Universe knows exactly the message you need to receive, and you will receive just the cards that contain that message.

Please note that this is physical product that will be mailed to you. This item ships free!

Recommended instructions:

  • When you receive your reading envelope in the mail, make sure you’ve set aside some time when you won’t be interrupted. It is strongly suggested that you grab a journal and pen or other way of taking notes – you will get so much more wisdom from your reading if you do this!
  • Before you even open the envelope, write down or dictate your question that is weighing on your mind. Take a moment to be really intentional about your question and about receiving the wisdom and insights that will support your highest good.
  • Then, when you feel ready, mindfully open the envelope and lay out the three cards. Write down or dictate which cards you received, as well as whatever intuitions pop into your mind when you look at the cards. Remember to interpret your cards in relation to the question you posed, and think about how each individual card relates to your question, and how all three relate to your question together.


  • Each envelope contains 3 randomly selected cards from Cat Aura Tarot deck. Cards are borderless, 70mm x 120mm (standard Tarot size), 350GSM, printed CMYK with matte lamination on both sides and light blue holographic edging. Corners are rounded.
  • Shipping is free for this reading envelope.

If you would prefer the full Cat Aura Tarot deck and guidebook, you can buy that here.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

All prices are CAD. For important information regarding Terms and Conditions (Shipping, VAT & Customs, and Return Policy), please click here.

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