Cat Aura Tarot Deck with Guidebook – Damaged Box


Cat Aura Tarot: Set of 78 Tarot cards with 2 bonus cards and guidebook in a DAMAGED box. Includes a Certificate of Authenticity.

This beautiful Tarot deck combines the archetypes of Tarot with the wisdom of chakras (the energetic body) which are reflected throughout and around the energetic body as glowing, sparkling auras.

Join these wise little cats who are waiting to help you to connect with your inner healing and intuition, and seek answers and guidance in your everyday life.

Please take the time to read the description below before committing to purchase.

All prices are CAD. 

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There are a limited number of Cat Aura Tarot decks with damage to the box, so they’re simply not up to Acorn + Burdock’s personal quality standards.  For this reason, we’re offering these decks in DAMAGED boxes at a DISCOUNTED PRICE of 20% off. This product is perfect if you’re looking to own Cat Aura Tarot at a reduced price, and don’t mind a damaged box.

Please see the photos for examples of damage. The damage might include: the shrink wrap encasing the box may be ripped, the corner may be dinged or dented, the box may be scratched, the spine may not be perfectly flat, etc. *If you purchase a damaged copy of Cat Aura Tarot, your copy will be randomly selected from the batch. We assure you that other than an issue with the box, they are otherwise in pristine condition.

In case you’re not familiar with Cat Aura Tarot, welcome to the magical, colourful world of Cat Aura Tarot! Created by a cat mom, experienced Tarot reader and Reiki Master, Cat Aura Tarot brings you to a gorgeous universe where these lovely little cats accompany you on your journey of inner healing. These curious, courageous and happy kitties have so many stories to share with you.

Cat Aura Tarot deck with guidebook is created by Malumir R. Logan. Art by E.C. Mazur.

There’s a lot of important information to be aware of, so please take the time to review all of the information below before you commit to purchasing this product. 

IMPORTANT: This product is expressly noted as coming with a damaged box. No exchanges nor refunds will be made for the damaged box if you have chosen to order this product.

Here’s a video flip through of the deck! 

The deck’s specifications

Here’s all the info you need about the deck:

  • Based on the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition.
  • 78 full-colour standard Tarot-sized cards (2.75” X 4.75”), printed on high quality 350 GSM art cardstock with a smooth matte finish.
  • Borderless imagery with rounded corners; card titles on each card.
  • Light blue rainbow holographic edging.
  • Card backs are fully reversible.
  • Two (2) bonus cards including an alternate Fool card and a “Hope” card (with inclusion in the guidebook).
  • Sturdy, full-colour box. Note that when ordering this product in a damaged box, you are expressly choosing a damaged box at this reduced price. 
  • A comprehensive guidebook to help you every step of the way. Perfect bound, 200+ pages (100+ double-sided pages), Tarot card-sized, comes in the box with the cards.
  • The glowing auras on each card (and the guidebook content) make it clear which chakra(s) you’re working with.
  • A certificate of authenticity will be included with each Cat Aura Tarot deck (including decks in damaged boxes)

Let’s visit these lovely little souls in this gorgeous, magical world!

Eight Tarot cards from Cat Aura Tarot, a row of four on top and a row of four on the bottom. Cards include: Strength, 8 of Pentacles, Justice, 9 of Chalices on top. Cards on bottom row include: 3 of Wands, Chariot, 2 of Swords and High Priestess.

Major Arcana

In Cat Aura Tarot deck, you will find our magical cats frolicking among ancient temple ruins, long abandoned by humans. Each of the seven aura colours corresponds to one of the seven chakras in the seven-chakra system. Most of the Major Arcana cards have two aura colours on them! This means there is an important connection between two of your chakras, and it is a connection that’s worth exploring with the help of these wise cats. Three of the Major Arcana cards have ALL seven aura colours on them, indicating key milestones on your journey through the Major Arcana. These three cards with all the chakras include the Fool, Wheel, and World cards. Here are some of the Majors!

Eight Tarot cards from Cat Aura Tarot, a row of four on top and a row of four on the bottom. Cards in the top row include: Temperance, Death, Hanged One, Lovers. Cards on bottom row include: Hermit, Empress, Emperor, Wheel.

Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana cards find our cats in four magical kingdoms:

  • Wands: In these cards, we find our kitties exploring ancient grottos lit by streaming sunlight. These cards represent your spiritual and aspirational energy (how you are motivated, your values)
  • Chalices: These cards find our lovely felines peering into pools of water, adventuring near gently flowing creeks, or taking a respite on smooth stones by the lake. This suit represents your emotional energy (how you feel, includes all of your emotions!)
  • Swords: In this suit, we find our cats basking below wide open skies to represent the air element. These cards represent your mental energy (how you think, your mental cycles)
  • Pentacles: These cards find our little cats in lush and leafy surroundings of meadows and sacred forests. This suit represents your tangible energy (how you give or receive tangible things. Tangible things are things you can touch and feel like money, belongings, your physical body, etc.)

In Cat Aura Tarot, the Minor Arcana cards have ONE aura colour to represent the chakra correspondence of each. Here are some of the Minors!

Eight Tarot cards from Cat Aura Tarot, a row of four on top and a row of four on the bottom. Cards in the top row include: Page of Chalices, Ace Wands, 6 of Wands and 3 of Chalices. Cards on bottom row include: 6 of Swords, 9 of Pentacles, King of Swords, Queen of Pentacles

The guidebook

  • Each deck includes a 200-page Tarot-sized, perfect bound guidebook, complete with instructions, card meanings, spreads, and other ways to support your practice.
  • Each card meaning in the guidebook includes:
    • Which chakra(s) the card’s aura corresponds to.
    • A clear message to you from the card.
    • Key phrases that are grouped into “Vibrant” and “Suppressed” (which could be used as “Upright” and “Reversed” for those who use reversals, or simply as additional meanings to support your reading).
    • The planetary/elemental energy associated with each card, based on the planet, sign, or element assigned to each Tarot card in the Western mystery tradition.
    • Traditional key phrases so that beginners can build up Tarot knowledge.

Also, here’s the card back design! These sweet kitties play with the aura sparkles in a field under a sky filled with magic!

Cat Aura Tarot card backs depict a fully reversible image of three cats playing with colourful sparks under a late dusk sky that hosts a few clouds, stars and a crescent moon.

All prices are CAD (Canadian dollars). 

How to know if Cat Aura Tarot is right for you

Cat Lovers and Tarot Newbies: Even if you have never picked up a Tarot deck before in your life, that’s okay! This deck is beautiful, supportive and accessible.

The guidebook is comprehensive and will guide you every step of the way! You will be able to read these cards for yourself, and these wise little cats are so excited to support your journey.

Tarot Enthusiasts, Advanced Readers, and Professional Readers: This deck applies a chakra healing lens to your existing knowledge of the Tarot. This can enhance your readings with additional energetic body insights—a powerful complement to the archetypal wisdom of the Tarot. Of course, you can also use Cat Aura Tarot as your go-to deck for clients who love cats and are drawn to the magical art.

Note: Cat Aura Tarot has been created by humans. AI has not been used. Thank you for supporting small creators!

Reiki Practitioners, Coaches and Other Energy Workers: Created by a Reiki Master, this deck can help you identify the chakras your clients most need assistance with during a session. Pulling a card from this deck can help you pinpoint the relationships between chakra issues for your clients.

Cat Aura Tarot will also provide you with insights into the context and nature of the issue. These are all powerful insights that will help you provide even greater support and healing to your clients.

About the Creatrix

As a certified Reiki Master, I have worked with clients’ energy centres extensively. Through this experience and my own healing over the years, I have seen the importance of helping people connect with their bodies through greater awareness of their energetic bodies.

An experienced Tarot reader, my passion for the Tarot is a long-term, committed relationship! I firmly believe that the complexity and universality of the Tarot system and the archetypes it contains can help anyone find the insights they need. I created my first Tarot deck, Chakra Healing Tarot, in 2019-20, and it was successfully funded on Kickstarter and fulfilled in 2021! Now, I am so excited to bring my great love for cats into the magical universe of energy healing in Cat Aura Tarot!

Also an NLP Master Practitioner and public policy leader and instructor, I am passionate about helping people rediscover the inner power that has always been within them. Proudly mixed heritage (ambiguously racialized), and neurodivergent living with less visible disabilities, I also love spending time in nature, and cuddling up with my Mainecoon cat Goliath and little Chihuahua Gabriel.

About the Artist

Ella Mazur is a Toronto-based artist working in ink and colouring her works digitally to create vibrant dream worlds.

Her art is inspired by the magic all around her: the diversity of creatures and plants that inhabit our planet, the endless depths of the ocean waves, the enchantment of the forests, and the mysteries of the stars in the sky.

After Ella created the art for the Chakra Healing Tarot, I was so grateful that Ella was willing to take me on as a client again. A Tarot deck is such a significant project, and Ella has again created such stunning art that has brought my vision and written descriptions to life so magically.

Note about customs/duties charges

Here are a few notes on shipping:

Customs/VAT: Your deck will be declared on the customs form as a “Tarot deck,” without exceptions. It is your responsibility before purchasing to confirm that your country permits Tarot decks’ import. If the package is seized by customs and not returned to either one of us, then regrettably, the order is non-refundable. If, however, customs returns the deck to me, to even out the burden of cost between us, I will issue you a refund for the cost of the deck only (no refund on postage fees).

It is your responsibility to be current on any customs fees or VAT taxes that may apply to you on your order. I am not liable for customs fees or VAT taxes that your country charges you, the importer, for purchasing overseas, nor am I responsible for any delays in delivery on account of customs. Please be aware that some countries do not permit the import of Tarot or playing cards, so please check to confirm that your country permits the import purchase of Tarot or playing cards. For customs purposes, I must declare the contents and full value of the package. I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Timely pickup: While most shipments will go directly to your door, you may receive a notice to pick up your parcel from your local delivery or post office. If you receive a notice to pick up your parcel from your local delivery/post office, remember that you only have a limited time to pick up the parcel. If you don’t pick it up before that date, it will be shipped back to me (or, as experience has shown, it will more likely disappear into the ether and will be permanently lost!). I will not be responsible for replacing or refunding any missing orders because you did not pick up your parcel on time. If it is sent back to me, I will ship it out to you again, but you’ll be responsible for the cost of postage to reship.

Delivery date: The delivery date provided is my best approximation made in good faith but cannot be guaranteed due to factors that may be out of my control. You will be kept up to date on the deck’s progress during the production and delivery (to me from the printer) and shipping (from me to you) phases.

​Please remember that shipping times are estimates and are not guaranteed. Experience has shown that some packages can take up to 35+ days to be delivered; however, the vast majority are delivered in a timely manner by our dependable shipping partners. While I aim to dispatch orders promptly, unfortunately, I cannot promise on-time delivery, and I cannot provide more information than what the tracking shows (if applicable).

For additional important information regarding Terms and Conditions (Shipping, VAT/Customs, Return Policy, etc.), please click here.​

​Thanks for your support for this lovely deck! The cats can’t wait to meet you! 

May you be blessed in your work with this lovely, magical deck, supported by these magnificent cats. Blessings to you.

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Dimensions 13.25 × 8.25 × 5.5 cm



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