SHIPS IN NOVEMBER: Cat Pendulum with Chakra Beads


Unique pendulum anchored by an antique nickel plated cat-shaped pointer, with round stone beads for the chakras. Comes in a brocade embroidered pouch.

Perfect for cat lovers and pendulum users alike!

Each order includes one (1) pendulum in an embroidered pouch.

Starts shipping in November.

All prices are CAD.

A dream pendulum for cat lovers and pendulum users! This unique pendulum features a cat as the swinging pointer, and chakra crystals on the chain.

Pendulums can be used in divination (for answers, decision-making, clarity), energy work (energy clearing, showing where there are energy blocks in the body) and spiritual practice (meditation, grounding).

These pendulums start shipping in November.

Each order includes one (1) pendulum. Each pendulum:

  • Is anchored by an antique nickel plated cat, with round stone beads for the seven chakras
  • Features a chain measuring 8 inches with a cat pointer measuring just over 2 inches, for a total length of 10.5 inches
  • Comes in a brocade embroidered pouch

All prices are CAD. For important information regarding Terms and Conditions (Shipping, VAT & Customs, and Return Policy), please click here.

Weight .032 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 7 × 2 cm


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