Distance Reiki (45 Minutes, Remote)


Reduce stress and anxiety with the help of a soothing 45-minute Distance Reiki session. Reiki helps balance emotions and supports other healing modalities.

Distance Reiki session is provided remotely; there is no live call. Session notes will be sent to you to share insights received and observations made during your session.

To book, you will be redirected to the Calendly booking page where you can schedule and pay conveniently, all in one place.

Have you ever just wanted to shake off the old, and welcome the new? Reiki is a natural energy healing technique that helps to transform energetic blockages and restore inner balance.

In case you’ve never had experience with Reiki, and aren’t sure what it can help with, it can help to:

  • Reduce your stress, anxiety and pain
  • Enhance your emotional well-being
  • Support other healing modalities 

I am certified as a Reiki Master and Teacher, and am a member of the Canadian Reiki Association. I practice Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, which is a traditional form of Reiki. You can find out more about Reiki and my Reiki lineage on this information page (click here).

Please read these important notes before booking:

  • These Distance Reiki sessions are provided remotely.
  • There is no live call for these sessions. Rather, you will be able to select a 45-minute period when you can be at rest in a safe space (ideally lying down, but seated also works).
  • Once you click the button, you will be redirected to the Calendly page so you can conveniently select the best time for you and pay for your session, all at the same time.
  • Do not book a time that you are driving or operating any machinery, either during or immediately after your session until you feel grounded again.
  • After your Distance Reiki session, you will receive notes with insights received and other observations made during your session.
  • You will receive email reminders prior to your session, and instructions.

I look forward to supporting you through your supportive and nourishing session!

All prices are CAD (Canadian dollars). For additional important information regarding Terms and Conditions (including disclaimers), please click here.

Remember that this service is not a replacement for professional counselling, medical, nor other professional services. If you are in mental health crisis, please seek assistance by searching for “mental health crisis help line” in your jurisdiction. In Canada, you can call 9-8-8 for mental health crisis or 9-1-1 for medical distress.


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