Speedbumps on the Way?

Previously, we’ve talked about what manifesting looks like and that it’s not just about calling good things into your life. Sure, that’s good to do, but usually, there are some manifestation blocks or speedbumps.

Bringing into your life what you want isn’t just about proclaiming affirmations to yourself and Universe. Affirmations are incredibly powerful, yes, but they’re not the whole deal. 

Let’s look at a couple of common speedbumps so you can clear the way to smoother progress for yourself.

Speedbump 1: Are you working on your STUFF?

This is a really big speedbump for most people because it can feel initially scary. Here’s why it matters.

You could be bringing all sorts of good things into your life, but if you haven’t worked on your stuff – the areas of fear, disappointment, trauma – then realistically, do you think you’ll ever actually feel good?

Lots of affluent people are miserable. Yes, having a certain level of income absolutely makes the difference between the ability to afford safety and security so you’re better positioned in the world and better able to make decisions from a place of security. But again, lots of rich people are miserable. 

So you need to work on your stuff.

It does not have to be terrifying, believe it or not! If you want the contact info of some amazing coaches who will help you work through your stuff without ever having to talk about your stuff out loud – let me know, and I’ll point you to them. Remember, my own services are all on hold right now as I create the Chakra Healing Tarot deck.

Regardless of how you do it, you do need to work on those old pain points. They’re holding you back, and that is not serving you.

Speedbump 2: What experiences are you creating right now?

So often, with dreams and wishes, we think about what life will be like once we have something – a relationship, that extra income, that home. That’s great! It’s powerful to do visualization.

But if all we do is visualize without doing something (even something small) to move in the direction we want to go, then we’re actually just standing still. 

What is it you actually WANT from a relationship? It’s not just the relationship. There’s something you want FROM that.

And what do you actually want by living in that dream home? There ARE small ways you can start creating those experiences for yourself RIGHT NOW, even though those things aren’t in your life yet.

Do you want to feel good about your space? Do you want to feel special? Then do things NOW that help you enjoy living in your current space, and that make you feel special

In case you think I’m just super privileged and just don’t get it…

If you’re newer around here and less familiar with me, know that I’m where I am now after surviving a low income, abusive upbringing that had me move out as soon as I could legally sign contracts. I lived below the poverty line, working multiple jobs to make ends meet, all the while living with Tourette Syndrome and unwittingly living with Complex PTSD. And then I slowly started making my way and pursuing happiness.

While I still live with [dis]ability and have more dreams I want to achieve, I am no longer just surviving anymore, and I believe in your ability to thrive. I speak from a place of lived experience.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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