Spiritual Release Work: Help For Letting That Sh*t Go

It’s okay, it happens. We go through something (even things that might seem innocuous at the time). Our unconscious mind creates a solution to help us get through that tough thing. But then years later we’re still repeating the same pattern, even though we’re not in that situation anymore…and now it’s actually holding us back! That’s when it’s time to do spiritual release work to release what is no longer serving you.

Maybe you can relate! I know this has absolutely been true for me, and I’ve done a LOT of reflection and release work over the years.

With this week’s waning crescent moon leading up to a New Moon in Cancer, it’s an excellent time for some release work! 

And here’s the great thing – it can be a lovely and supportive experience for you. So to help you with that, I have created this Release Spread for you!

The Release Spread I created for you

As always, you can use ANY kind of deck you have or like. (Even if you don’t have any cards, you can still use these as journaling prompts).

I definitely do recommend journaling even if you do use cards, because you’ll be surprised at just how much more insights you glean from it!

Please do share your photos on Instagram if you’re on there and tag me if you do! It makes my day to see the spreads I create in action out in the world, helping to support you folks. You may also want to bookmark this so you can find it easily later.

The spread and questions

Release Tarot Spread created for you by Malumir R. Logan, creatrix of Chakra Healing Tarot and acornandburdock.ca

Here are the questions, typed out, in case that’s easier for you:

  1. what I need to release, that is no longer serving me
  2. a tangible action I can take to release it in a healthy way
  3. the gift waiting for me on the other side of this work

Hope you enjoy this!!! Please feel free to repost/share in stories, of course crediting me as the creatrix. You can also find lots more content like this over here on the blog!

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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