Tarot Readings + Coaching

Please note that due to COVID-19, Tarot readings and coaching services are only available by phone or video call for the time being.

Tarot Readings + Coaching

Rate: My hourly rate is $110, whether Tarot reading or NLP coaching.

More Information on Readings/Coaching

What to Expect in a Reading/Coaching with Me

Think of me as a Tarot coach. My readings with you are designed to support your best decision-making and personal growth to help you get what you want.

It’s really common that people want to come for a reading when facing a challenging decision. Or they’re feeling really uncertain about how to navigate a few key areas of their life.

Frequently, by the time someone comes for a reading, they’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and uncertain about their options.

They’ve typically been trying – really hard and for quite some time – to figure out the issue, and aren’t sure where to go next.

Which is exactly how life tends to happen! When it rains, it pours, and helping you get a much clearer understanding of the situation(s) and the options that align with what you really want is what these readings provide.

What you get from a reading with me

My approach to reading and/or coaching is choice-based.

I believe that we always have choice as to how we manage our core elements, including our thoughts, emotions, materiality and spiritual parts. It’s just that sometimes we get uncertain along the way.

As your reader, I take my role very seriously. My job is to make sure that you receive insights and assistance to develop actionable strategies for your unique situation.

I think that your reading was unique in the sense that it didn’t focus on definitive, cold answers, but rather an explanation of the cards drawn that give direct insight into who I am as a person. I found it extremely accurate in telling me about my character and qualities, which leads to a greater understanding of my situation/question that is helpful in many different situations, not just this. I did not feel like anything didn’t resonate with me! I felt that the reading was actionable…this was one of the most well-designed, clear readings I’ve had in a while. Your approach is very mindful, and very reflective of who I am as a person and how to harness my strengths.


What you can expect

Tarot is a well-established system of card reading, which is a form of divination. Tarot readings reveal key insights from the Universe that are relevant to your decision-making now.

In each reading, I channel energy from the Universe and your Higher Wisdom as I read your customized Tarot spread.

Know that the Universe will only bring to awareness what you’re ready and able to work with from the past, present and/or future.

You can expect to receive the key insights and action items you need to have a clear path forward after you leave your reading. I recommend you come prepared with an open mind and heart, and a notebook.

Thank you so, so much for the reading! I like to be believe I have pretty good intuition and after [this] reading what you’ve written I feel assured. I could even say that all of it resonated with me. I feel so much more at peace now and I feel like I can finally make a good decision. Thank you again, and keep doing the good job!


Hi Malumir, thanks for your time and effort. I completely resonated with this reading. I will follow your advice…I appreciate this with all my heart!


Please note I am only accepting Tarot readings of an empowering and choice-based nature. If you ask question about whether you’re going to steer clear of COVID-19, whether he’s coming back to you/cheating on you or whether she finds you physically attractive, I will suggest a more empowering question instead. I am here to help provide insight and empower your choices, not enable any disempowered beliefs!

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