Super Pink Moon in Scorpio Tarot Spread

ALL the feels with this week’s Super Pink Moon in Scorpio! It won’t actually be a super pink moon, but it’s a “supermoon” meaning that it’s closer to Earth, so it will look larger than usual! With all those feels, here is a Tarot spread to support you. 

A few things to remember

Remember, you can use any Tarot or other deck you like. If you don’t have/use decks, you can also just use these as journaling prompts. You might even combine different kinds of decks!

In either case, I definitely recommend journaling your responses because you’ll get so much more out of it!

The spread

I used Chakra Healing Tarot which is available for preorder during Spring 2021 here!  Here’s the spread first, followed by the cards that I pulled! The questions are also typed out further down if that is easier for you.

April Super Pink Moon in Scorpio Tarot Spread – Love Transformation Tarot Spread created by Malumir R. Logan of
The cards I pulled, using Chakra Healing Tarot deck. Chakra Healing Tarot created by Malumir R. Logan. Art by E.C. Mazur.

The questions:

  1. My relationship with love now (of Self, toward others, toward the Divine/ Universe)
  2. A specific, tangible action I can take to transform my relationship with love in a healthy way
  3. How I can support myself through the process of transformation so I see the outcomes
  4. A message of encouragement for me now from the Divine/ Universe about my love transformation

Chakra Healing Tarot created by Malumir R. Logan. Art by E.C. Mazur.

You can find more amazing Tarot content like this over here! And if you’re curious to learn more about working with moon cycles, check out this other blog post I wrote about it.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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