Tarot Snow Magick?

For those of us who live in a region that gets snow, like me, you may be thinking, “snow magick?? What is that??” So let’s talk about what Tarot snow magick is!

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When I was growing up and visiting family in Hong Kong, I would admire the calendars that were hung on the walls. These calendars had images of Chinese deities and other cultural icons. But what was fascinating was that these calendars were so full of other kinds of dates that I didn’t understand. 

My family explained how someone’s birthday could change year over year in a Gregorian calendar, because their birthdays were recorded in a lunar calendar. 

Yet another aspect of these calendars was a solar aspect (useful in particular for agriculture). If you were to look at the agricultural calendar (look up “sui agricultural festivals” if curious), you would find 24 intervals that may resonate for those who live in areas that have four seasons (like we do in my region). 

A couple of days ago was Light Snow. When I woke up this morning, it had been snowing overnight. So here, I’ve brought the deck out into the elements (without getting anything wet, of course), to have exposure to this seasonality. 

Chakra Healing Tarot

Whether you believe that Tarot is a useful self-reflective or psychological tool, or a tool to access higher wisdom, there’s something to be said for bringing a deck into different environments. In my experience, I find that the more environments I use a deck in, the more versatile the deck becomes in types of questions I explore with it. 

Have you ever noticed this increase in versatility when you bring a deck with you to more places? 

And doesn’t that remind you of the Magician, whose versatility is a source of immense power and ability? 

Magician card from Chakra Healing Tarot

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Blessings and empowerment to you.

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