Tarot Spread for Deep Emotional Fatigue

As shared in my post from this morning over on my personal Instagram today, I have been deeply emotionally tired lately, and so this morning I created an impromptu little empowering self-care/lookahead Tarot spread for myself during some much-needed drop reflection time. I share this spread with you here in case it helps you, too.

Here’s what happened.

Originally, I had planned to do this week’s long run this morning (I’m halfway through marathon training for the year). But after I had the opportunity to get my next jab a couple days ago, I have been tired and a bit achy.

So instead of going out on my run, after spending time giving the cats their medications and breakfast, I made myself some coffee and headed out to the balcony for some in-depth reflection.

My little setup this morning with coffee, my favourite incense, my journal and my copy of Chakra Healing Tarot deck.

Emotionally tired

To be honest, there has been a great deal going on lately (not just the cats) and I’m deeply emotionally tired. I won’t go into it all, but even us super resilient people get deeply emotionally drained.

So I created an impromptu empowering self-care/lookahead spread for myself and spent the next hour and a half with the cards, my journal, and reflection.

When I pulled the cards, two cards popped out for the self-care that HAS been helping.

I’m grateful for this time and space, even if I had to adjust my training plan. And the wisdom from the cards and my own reflections on them I believe will be tremendously supportive and empowering in the coming weeks.

Maybe this little Tarot spread will help you, too

In fact, I suspect my impromptu little spread might be helpful for others, so I’m sharing it here with you. I hope you enjoy it!

Don’t mind the handwriting…I jotted it down for myself in my journal, but I’ve typed the questions/card positions here too in case you can’t read my handwriting 😊

I used Tarot for this one (I used Chakra Healing Tarot because I wanted insights into how my body energy and related chakra correspondences are being affected/helping). But you can use whatever kinds of cards or other tools of insight or divination that you prefer! You should always use what feels right for you.

My personal pull using Chakra Healing Tarot deck

In case you’re curious, for my personal reading, the cards I pulled for myself were on the nose. The intense emotional work I’ve been doing lately has been helping, but I have been neglecting my non-energy work related meditation. So that’s something I need to increase, and I’ve made a plan for that now. It looks like I’ll need to increase my adaptability and make some heartfelt adjustments (that affect how I make tangible choices) in the next three weeks, and I’ll need to be more open to and patient with all possibilities that present themselves.

Anyway, here is the spread, and the questions are typed out below in case you can’t read my writing!

The spread

The impromptu emotional fatigue Tarot spread I created for myself

And here are the typed-out questions:

  • 1) show me myself right now
  • 2) self-care I’ve been doing that IS helping me
  • 3) things I’ve been doing that are NOT helping me
  • 4) where I should focus most of my energy for the next three weeks
  • 5) something tough I’ll need to overcome
  • 6) something amazing I’ll experience
  • 7) unexpected blessings I’ll receive.

Hope this helps you, too. Please do share this with anyone you think might need this spread.

If you liked this, you’ll probably also really like my other Tarot blog posts too! And if you love how this Tarot deck looks, you can learn more about it over here.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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