Taurus Season: Your Relationship with Pleasure

In today’s post, let’s look at how Taurus season brings us into touch with our relationship with pleasure. It’s really common to have an unhealed or unhealthy relationship with pleasure. The post includes a Taurus Season Tarot spread to help you heal your relationship with pleasure.

Taurus Season

We have entered Taurus season now, which feels a lot more earthy, grounded and tangible than the flighty, fiery Aries season we’ve just left. It’s quite the transition!

It’s a time that is especially supportive of longterm planning and laying the groundwork for your material goals. It’s also a time that gets us in touch with what we enjoy and what brings us pleasure.

But yikes! That word – pleasure – can stir up all sorts of emotions, can’t it?

For folks who were brought up in religious contexts (of any sort), it’s really common to have a lingering hint of guilt or shame associated with the idea of pleasure. Even if you don’t come from a religious background, a society that idolizes work and stress often has an unhealed relationship with pleasure.

Examples of unhealed relationship with pleasure

An unhealed relationship with pleasure can look like a lot of things, but here are some examples:

  • Feeling guilt for doing something nice for yourself.
  • Feeling shame when you do something you enjoy.
  • Restricting pleasurable activities.
  • Doing the opposite and recklessly throwing yourself into or going further than you actually want to with pleasurable activities.

There is nothing wrong with doing pleasurable things nor with choosing times to do work and choosing other times to enjoy yourself. The activities themselves are not the issue.

How do I know if I have an unhealed relationship with pleasure?

It’s not about the activities you’re doing or not doing.

The question you can ask yourself, is whether you can be fully aligned within yourself and genuinely feel like yourself when you’re doing something pleasurable or planning to do something that brings you pleasure.

What does it mean for something to feel “misaligned”?

Something feels misaligned if you feel restricted or guilty or shameful or if you hear someone else’s reprimand in your head. But something is also misaligned if you feel like you want to avoid all those feelings and just throw yourself to the wind.

Feeling free and expansive within is a completely different feeling from just throwing yourself to the wind recklessly. Are you running to something? Or away from something?

A note about feeling safe

It’s okay if you’re worried about feeling safe when you begin to heal your relationship with pleasure.

Often the stories we have in our heads about pleasure involve a belief about danger and the need to stay safe.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel safe, just as there is nothing wrong with experiencing pleasure.

An empowering spread to help you heal

We’re all about empowerment here! So I have created this Tarot spread to help you with this. Of course, you can use any intuitive tool you prefer, or even just use these as journaling prompts instead. Do what feels right for you.

Please do tag me on social media (Instagram, Facebook) if you use this spread – I can’t explain how much it lights up my whole day when I see the spreads I create helping and empowering folks! And I suggest saving this post for later so you can find it easily.

The spread

Taurus Season Empowering Tarot Spread created by acornandburdock.ca

The questions, typed out:

  1. My relationship with pleasure
  2. Where these beliefs came from
  3. How I can heal my beliefs about pleasure
  4. Tangible action I can take to experience pleasure in a safe way

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Blessings and empowerment to you.

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