Thank You For Your Support!!!

WOW, as everyone who backed or pre-ordered Chakra Healing Tarot has been receiving their decks, everyone’s lovely messages in my DMs, emails, comments on KS, and walkthroughs, reactions and shares on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook have been filling my heart with so much joy this past week!!

Even after sending out the KS backer decks and stretch goals, it all still felt so surreal.

After all, Chakra Healing Tarot only existed in my mind two years ago, and now this deck that needed to be created is finally getting to you all, and is already starting to help folks connect more deeply to themselves. And that just fills me with such joy!!! 

Thanks for making me cry (in a good way) this week!!! I’m so excited to see where your working with Chakra Healing Tarot takes you in your journey! 

Remember to tag the deck on Instagram @chakra.healing.tarot and my @malumir.logan as you work with the deck! I absolutely love seeing this gentle deck in action!! 

Chakra Healing Tarot created by Malumir R. Logan. Art by E.C. Mazur.

If you missed the Kickstarter and the preorders, you can still order a deck here.

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