The Gift of Thank You – For EVERYONE

Here in Canada, it’s Thanksgiving weekend.

This is a perfect opportunity to pause for a moment to think about what giving thanks even means. Regardless of whether or how you celebrate – or even if it’s not Thanksgiving where you are!

We all recognize that Thanksgiving is a fun experience for some, a stressful time for others, and a lonely time for others still. Or maybe it’s a mix!

So let’s take a fresh perspective so we can be present with our own resourcefulness no matter how we experience Thanksgiving. Yes? Yes, let’s do it!

Gift of Thanks for YOU! (Yes it’s free and all you need is a pen + paper/journaling app)

Find a comfortable seat and take a few breaths. 

Think of a time when you discovered something that was captivating, and you felt great and really engaged in the discovery. 

Once that memory pops in your mind

Allow yourself to take in all the details – what you see, what you feel, what you hear. And anything else that you notice.

Next, grab your journal or journaling app and write down 3 names:

  1. Someone you’re glad is in your life.
  2. Your own name!
  3. The very next person who comes to mind (just go with it and jot down whoever it is).

Set a timer for 3 minutes. 

Now, on a separate app entry or a separate sheet of paper, write a little thank you note as if you’re writing to the person you’re glad is in your life. 

It can be very short and simple, and this is totally private between you and the paper, so just write the note however feels right for you. 

You can write a full-on letter if you want, just write out something in 3 minutes before the timer goes. 

Set your timer for 3 minutes again.

Then, it’s time to jot down a short note to yourself on a different sheet of paper! In the note, pretend you’re writing a short thank you note to yourself. 

Just trust yourself and thank yourself for whatever pops up for you. 

The note can be about anything big or small, and it can be short or long. Just write it out in 3 minutes!

That’s right – set your timer for 3 minutes again.

Now it’s time to jot down a thank you note for this third person. 

Sometimes, this third person is someone unexpected. And yet, your higher wisdom is SO smart and knows there is something about this person that has benefited you. Take 3 minutes and jot it down. 

To wrap up…

Before you wrap up, get into a comfortable seated position again and take a couple breaths and really feel them fill into your lungs, and feel how good it is to let them release from your lungs.

Take one more moment now to notice what feels different for you – just notice whatever the first thing is that comes to mind.

No matter where you find yourself this weekend, my love and thoughts to you for a blessed and empowering Thanksgiving.

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