The Life-Changing Magic of Looking UP

So. Much. Time. Staring at screens, mostly. Have you been struggling with anxiety and feeling down? I suspect that most of us have, if we’re honest with ourselves. No matter how resilient we are, we ALL are dealing with massive uncertainty and stress.

Nothing wrong with using screens! We are blessed that this pandemic is happening during a time when most of us have the technology to stay connected in real-time. But!

All the looking down!

One simple thing we can do every day? LOOK UP!

That’s it. It’s documented to have a positive effect on mood and and patterns of thought!! Who doesn’t want that right now????

And here’s the awesome thing. No matter what your living situation or your vision ability is, YOU CAN STILL BENEFIT!

How to benefit from looking up

  • If you have access to a window/to see the sky, look up at it every single day. Multiple times a day, if possible!
  • If you don’t have access to seeing the sky, but you DO have eyesight, close your eyes, gently roll them up, and imagine you’re sitting somewhere beautiful in nature where you can see the sky. And just breathe and enjoy it. IT LITERALLY HAS THE SAME EFFECT.
  • If you live with a vision impairment?
    • If you remember what the sky looks like, or a beautiful place in nature, go back to that place in your mind’s eye. It has the same effect.
    • If you have never seen with your physical eyes, imagine what an expansive, inspiring space FEELS like. It has the same, positive effect!!!

I make a point of looking up at the sky every single day, even if it’s cloudy. If you’re interested in reading on how it’s helpful, and looking up other references, check out this article

Have you ever meditated with art? It’s a beautiful practice. I often use a Tarot card (which is art, by the way) and meditate with it by taking a few moments to take in its details, and then closing my eyes, imagining I’m going to that place. Try it!

If you love beautiful art (or just Tarot!), I am creating the Chakra Healing Tarot deck (with a comprehensive guidebook). It’s going to be crowdfunding this Winter! So be sure to get on the list so you never miss an update!! And be sure to follow me on Instagram too, and spread the word to other Tarot friends.

And you can find more Tarot-related content over here.

Blessings and empowerment to you. 

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