The P.A.T.H.

What’s The P.A.T.H.?

The P.A.T.H. (Personal Alchemy Transformation + Healing) Program is a four-month online transformational coaching program that combines conscious tools with spiritual practice.

Intake for The P.A.T.H. is currently closed, so be sure to join the waitlist to get access as soon as the next intake opens!

When you register to work with me, you will begin a four-month commitment to a deep, seriously life-transforming journey that combines conscious tools with spiritual practice.

You’ll get one-on-one coaching and all the materials you need to support your unique journey, and you’ll benefit from the spiritual healing and guidance of Reiki and Tarot.

The use of NLP throughout the materials, coaching and customized mantras powerfully supports you to step into your truest, highest self.

This program is perfect for you if you’re ready to take the next step on your spiritual journey, and want to live with purpose, satisfaction, empowerment and meaning in EVERY situation in your life

It’s right for you if:

  • You know you have significant internal potential, but aren’t sure how to navigate from possibility to power.
  • You are aware you could experience so much more satisfaction and meaning in life, but you’re not sure where to start.
  • You recognize the value of personal growth that brings breakthroughs with lasting outcomes for the the long-term.
  • And most importantly, you are open-minded and willing to learn how to tap into your full suite of personal resources and spiritual abilities.

The most impactful outcome that you can expect from completing the program is that you will find yourself empowered in EVERY and ANY situation

I want you to:

  • Transform the hidden blockages that have been preventing you from excelling in your life.
  • Unlock, embrace and realign all of your core personal resources to support your most powerful life.
  • Have a new set of powerful conscious tools and spiritual practices that you can employ whenever you need, at a moment’s notice.
  • Feel personally powerful, at ease and purposeful as you go about your daily life.

Why I created The P.A.T.H.

My own life and beliefs have changed dramatically in recent years, based on my own experience in harnessing the power and connectedness of key conscious and spiritual tools.

Back then…

  • I used to feel constantly stuck, drained, oppressed, stressed and miserable.
  • My career wasn’t going anywhere, many of my relationships were toxic and draining, and I lived in perpetual stress and fear.
  • I felt disconnected from the healed power within myself (which we ALL have) and from the beauty of the world around me.

Being openminded and having the courage to brave new waters has led me on an evolutionary  journey. This journey has seen the expansion of my beliefs and the transformation of my life – physically, personally, psychologically and professionally.

And now…

  • Now I am surrounded by joyful, healthy relationships.
  • I’ve made significant career advancement in my professional life.
  • And I experience each day with a genuine and profound sense of power, peace and energized purpose – no matter what life has thrown my way.

That’s why I’ve created this program. To support people who are perhaps where I was and are genuinely ready to challenge themselves to grow into their inherent power.

My coaching style

I bring a combination of very practical perspective, fearless honesty, psychological insight and spiritual awareness and gifts.

My training in NLP and practice as a Reiki Master and professional Tarot reader provide a unique and powerful combination of knowledge and experience that I have distilled to offer my clients.

Anyone can choose to become empowered and conscious in every area of their lives.

I personally used to live a life of oppression, fear, and stifled awareness of all that exists in this universe, and in the universe within. Through dogged determination, immense study, practice and investment in myself, I found my way.

So I know the common challenges that can arise, and the powerful combination of tools and practices that can help light the way for others.

I am passionate about helping my clients to step into their power, and I look forward to supporting you to do just that.

What you can expect when you work with me

When you work with me, you’ll benefit from the potent combination of conscious tools and spiritual practices to transform your daily experience:

  • The personal alchemy approach of each module walks you through how to align your core emotional, intellectual, material and spiritual patterns.
  • This system will allow you to direct all of your personal resources to work in tandem FOR you and WITH you.   
  • All the coaching, workbooks and meditations are provided by an NLP practitioner. This allows you to combine what you observe, what you think and what you do to generate deeply satisfying results.
  • The workbooks take you on a deep dive to reveal as-yet hidden blockages that have prevented you from truly excelling.
  • The composition of this program’s various modalities ensure that you have all the support you need to be successful in transforming from potential to power.
  • You have significant support as you work through the weekly segments of your workbook though the one-on-one coaching, distance Reiki and guided meditation tracks.

Bonus items to support your journey:

  • Introductory half-hour coaching session at the start of your program. Includes a uniquely crafted mantra just for you based on your personal goals and current situation.
  • Wrap-up half-hour coaching session when you complete the program. Complete with a new unique mantra crafted for your new, transformed journey.

The P.A.T.H. Program

When you work with me, you’ll be supported in your unique journey on The P.A.T.H.

Each of the four modules includes:

  • One-on-one coaching: Forty-five minute one-on-one coaching session over video chat to get your module started.
  • Personal alchemy Tarot reading: The first coaching session of each module includes a personal alchemy Tarot reading to tap the wisdom of your highest self and the universe. This will help to personalize and enrich your work through the module. You’ll receive clear guidance on key things you need to keep in mind for that month.
  • Guided meditation: A downloadable guided meditation track which you’ll use during each weekly segment of your workbook.
  • Program workbook: Each workbook has four segments (one per week) for you to work through. It includes clear instructions and tips to guide your deep self-reflective process.
  • Distance Reiki: A distance Reiki session during your second week of each module will help keep you and your efforts flowing, effective and gentle.
  • Mid-module check-in: A 15-minute check-in coaching session during your third week of each module to hear about all the amazing progress you’ve made and pave the way for your completion of the module.
  • Bonus goodies: You’ll also receive bonus introductory and wrap-up one-on-one sessions with me, and two mantras tailored to your unique journey and goals!
  • Price: The program is priced at $798 CAD (plus tax). Reach out to me to chat about payment plans to make your journey affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NLP?

NLP (neurolinguistic programming) is a set of practices that have been developed over the past forty years to support a focus on tangible results in learning and influence.

NLP training means I help you get into your most effective, transformational state. It means I am trained in using language to help you build possibilities and step into your goals.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a natural energy healing technique that helps to transform energetic blockages and restore inner balance. In case you’ve never had experience with Reiki, and aren’t sure what it can help with, it can help to:

  • Reduce your stress, anxiety and pain
  • Enhance your emotional well-being
  • Support other healing modalities (including modern medicine)

While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. It has no dogma, and there is nothing you must believe in order to receive Reiki. Reiki can be received in person and from a distance.

This program includes distance Reiki mid-module for each of the four months of the program.

I am a certified Reiki Master, am a registered member of the Canadian Reiki Association, and practice the Usui Shiki Ryoho style (a traditional style) of Reiki.

What is personal alchemy?

Traditional alchemy was the combination and transformation of more common matter or elements into precious metals.

Personal alchemy is based on the idea that everyone has core elements, in the form of thought, emotional, spiritual and material patterns. These patterns, in combination, have created the your current experience of life.

This program is designed to help you become increasingly conscious of these patterns and learn how to engage with them.

The structure and cumulative guidance of this program will bring each of your core elements into alignment to transform your experience of life so that you can be truly empowered in every situation.

Why is the program structured with these components?

This program has been curated with different modalities (coaching, personal alchemy tarot readings, workbooks, meditation and Reiki) because YOU are a multidimensional person. These different tools all combine cumulatively so you will successfully transform your experience of life.

The program is a four-month commitment, and is composed of four modules – one per month. For each module, you’ll be completely supported with:

  • Forty-five minute coaching session (over video chat) to get your module started.
  • The first coaching session of each module includes a personal alchemy tarot reading to tap the wisdom of your highest self and the universe to personalize and enrich your work through the module. You’ll receive clear guidance on key things you need to keep in mind for that month.
  • Guided meditation track (it’s downloadable) which you’ll use during each weekly segment of your workbook.
  • Your workbook has four segments (one per week) for you to work through. It includes clear instructions and tips to guide your deep self-reflective process.
  • Distance Reiki during your second week of each module to help keep you and your efforts flowing, powerful and gentle.
  • Check-in quick coaching call (15 minutes) during your third week of each module to hear about all the amazing progress you’ve made and pave the way for your completion of the module.
  • Bonus: You also receive initial and concluding one-on-one video sessions with me, and unique mantras customized just for you!

Why is the program priced this way?  

The program is a powerful and unique curated structure of coaching, readings, workbooks, meditation and Reiki, not to mention personalized-for-you mantras. It’s been designed this way to support real transformation.

It’s a four-month commitment, which you’ll find is just the right length of time to support a cumulative, step-by-step coaching process that builds your resources and skills.

You receive amazing value with this package. When you work with me, you receive:

  • Ten coaching sessions (valued at $550)
  • Guided meditation tracks (valued at $40)
  • Monthly workbooks (valued at $440)
  • Four personal alchemy professional Tarot readings as part of your coaching (valued at $110)
  • Four distance Reiki sessions (valued at $80)

There’s a lot of value packed into this uniquely structured program that has been designed to take you from potential to power.

When can I start the program?

Intake for this round of The P.A.T.H. is currently closed, so join the waitlist to be notified as soon as intake opens for the next round!

Once intake has reopened and you’re registered, we’ll set up your first call and schedule for all your coaching calls and distance Reiki sessions.

How much time is required each week?

This program is a four-month commitment.

You’ll need to set aside about 1 hour for each weekly segment of your workbooks, and about 5 – 10 minutes for quick daily homework.

It’s important to allot sufficient time to work through your weekly segment. You can only get out what you put in, so make sure you’re setting yourself up for success by allowing enough time to get through the segments.

Do I really need to do the daily homework?

The daily homework is quick, and takes on average 5 – 10 minutes each day.

You’ll get the most out of the program if you’re engaged in all of its mechanisms for success, which includes the daily homework.

What if I’ve never meditated before?

The guided meditation tracks are very relaxing and designed to help you get into a deep, resourceful meditative state very quickly.

Even if you have no prior experience meditating, if you’ve previously struggled with meditation, or if you’re advanced in meditation, you will find yourself in a deeply relaxed and meditative state with the meditation tracks!

You will receive one meditation track per module (that’s four in total), and you’ll listen to the module’s meditation track at the start of each weekly segment to help get you into your most powerful and insightful place.

You may find that you enjoy the meditation track so much that you listen to it more frequently than your weekly workbook segments – and that’s totally okay!

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