The Sky’s The Limit! Or…Is It?

What limiting beliefs have been on replay?

A limiting belief is typically a fear or something else that we believe as gospel, that holds us back. 

Last week we looked at a specific limiting belief you may have had on replay without even realizing. We started to open our thoughts to the possibility that everything that you can do, and be, and have in life is SO much more than any limiting beliefs that have outlived their usefulness. 

Today let’s explore how to release what is no longer serving you. Next week, we’ll craft new realizations about yourself that DO serve you.

Every single one of us has abilities and resources beyond our wildest dreams. There are different ways of accessing those, as we can see in personal development practices and spiritual disciplines. 

This post will walk you through one approach, but first, let’s look at why limiting beliefs exist in the first place.

Where do limiting beliefs come from?

Both empowering and limiting beliefs exist because they have served us at some point.

A limiting belief inserts a barrier between you and where you want to be. Because at some point, you needed that belief in place to protect yourself and survive.

The question is whether it’s still truly serving you. Do you still need the protection it offers? Is mere survival what you actually want? Whose voice does it sound like in your head when you think of that belief?

There are times that survival is the best option. But most of the time, survival is a pretty low baseline. 

In contrast, thriving and being happy will require something a little more than that baseline. 

Where’s the turning point?

The opportunity to switch lanes from just not dying to truly enjoying life comes down to one thing: your decisions.

It can start out with small decisions. These don’t need to look like grand, life-changing moves. 

Decisions based on protection and survival are inherently based on fear. Even if they’re seemingly mundane choices. 

While there is a sensible time and place for these – like waiting for the pedestrian crossing signal when crossing the street – sometimes we unwittingly apply the same level of risk aversion and fear to significantly less dangerous activities. 

Decisions based on thriving + being truly satisfied are inherently empowering. Even if they may sometimes feel uncomfortable in the moment. 

Even small choices can accumulate to be life-changing.

Will you choose to thrive? To go after what you truly desire? 

It might feel uncomfortable. And it’s about taking back the opportunity to create and carve your path forward.

Will you choose to remain in your current situation? 

It will absolutely feel easier to remain as you are now. And if that is your choice, then it’s also important to recognize that you’re choosing to stay in that headspace.

If you don’t change your outlook and/or your choices, you will continue to get the same experience, no matter how much your circumstances do or don’t change.

Wild and unexpected things can happen to make your life better, but why would your life after be any better than it is now?

Your life experience is made up of your daily decisions and outlook. So even if your circumstances change, why would your experience of life really be any different?

Only you can create a new lived experience.

Acorn + Burdock

Want to switch lanes and let go of a limiting belief that is no longer serving you?

You know I’m all about practical tools, so here’s an exercise to support you. This is aligned with tools I’ve written about previously on how to release what is no longer serving you such as nature-based journaling

Step 1: Write about what you DO want for yourself. 

  • To start out, pick a specific goal you have or something you want to do within the next few weeks. 
  • Set a timer and freewrite [LINK] for 5 minutes about this goal. 

Step 2: Think back to that limiting belief that has been getting in the way. 

  • Have you noticed any old patterns, thoughts, beliefs or past hurts that are no longer serving you in achieving your goal?
  • Write it all down – all of things that no longer serve you. Let them all out. 

Step 3: Release those limiting beliefs.

  • Write down that you’re letting them go.
  • Revisit your intention or goal and write about how releasing what no longer serves you, will help you to achieve your goal.
  • Again, write as if your release and goal achievement has already happened (“I release the fear of what people might think. I embrace my abilities and personal power”).

Step 4: Wrap up with some gumption. 

  • Finish your journaling with a confident and authoritative sentence that signals to yourself that you have already achieved your goal.

So, what’ll it be? It’s your life, your choice. Yes you can.

Blessings and empowerment to you.

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