The Wisest Choice You Made

Recently I completed the Year Compass 2019-2020 ebook. It was a fantastic resource and well worth the hours of time it took to complete.

One of the questions asked is, “What is the wisest decision you made last year?”

If you’ve followed this blog for awhile you know it’s all about a choice-based growth mindset. You know that we can’t always control what happens to us, but that we can ALWAYS choose how to respond, no matter what.

And so I did allow whatever the first thought is to pop up on “What is the wisest choice you made last year?”.

What was it for you? Just notice whichever is the first thing to arise in your mind as the wisest decision you made as you read this article.

  • Maybe it’s not the most “logical” or “obvious” choice that you made.
  • And yet somehow, you know within that it really was the wisest choice you made for yourself that year.

My Wisest Decisions in 2018 and 2019


For me, in 2019 it was taking the risk to invest in NLP training with NLP Canada.

At the time, I didn’t know how amazing that community is; how high quality and applicable the training is in everyday life; or how that training would complement ALL of my other training and practice (both professionally and personally).

Just to be clear: This is not an ad, and I’m not being compensated to share these thoughts. This is my genuine opinion.


And then I thought briefly about what my wisest choice was in 2018. My wisest choice that year was taking another risk to invest in one-on-one coaching with Toronto nutritionist Kyle Byron.

While I did know one person who had worked with that nutritionist years prior, I didn’t know what to expect or just how sustainable it would be, or how vital it would be in supporting my overall health and athletic performance.

Again, this is simply my honest opinion and experience. I am not being compensated to share it.

What’s the Common Thread?

Why were THESE the wise decisions in particular? I thought to myself after completing the full Year Compass exercise.

Because seriously, I’ve made a LOT of significant decisions in the past two years. I’ve made a variety of challenging decisions, excellent decisions, tough decisions, risky decisions. 

After giving myself the space to think about it and allow it to percolate, I realized the reason these two decisions were the wisest.

Those two decisions laid a strong foundation from which I was best positioned to make OTHER decisions. Which is why this matters for you. Scroll to “The bottom line” section if you’re a TL;DR type.

What does that mean?

From decision fatigue to awesome outcomes – the 2018 decision

Prior to working with the nutritionist, I’d paid a lot of attention to what I ate. And yet I just could never figure it out in a way that worked well for my body. 

My digestion was regularly uncomfortable, I had more bodyfat on my body than I wanted, and overall it was always confusing – knowing what to eat. And when. And how much. There’s so much information/misinformation out there. So I’d always just tried to make my way the best I could.

And then in working with Kyle, I learned how to eat. I learned how to construct any meal and snack, and how to know when to eat and how much, in a way that was totally unique to MY body, my lifestyle, and my goals. 

As to why this mattered? 

Well, I’m currently living in a human body, and that body needs nourishment every day. Our bodies are beautiful and complex, and there are so many interconnected dependencies. 

A key decision that most of us make several times a day is related to food. Every day. 

So suddenly, I knew exactly how to make really good food and eating decisions, for every food-related decision I made all day long. Suddenly, I didn’t feel guilt or confusion or indigestion. 

I not only stopped all those unhelpful experiences, but also then began to achieve all the goals I had, in a sustainable way (and it has remained sustainable almost two years later).

From doubleguessing and ambiguity to clearing the path – the 2019 decision

Originally, I invested in NLP training because I knew that this training would allow me to use language in an even more empowering way for clients. And you know I’m all about the empowerment!!!

At the time I began the NLP training, I was no stranger to making high-quality, yet challenging decisions. It was only after my training in early 2019 that I realized just how much I used to doubleguess myself. Even though I’d make a tough decision and know it was right, I would still spend all this energy doubleguessing. 

Having the time and space to look back, I can see how my NLP training allowed me to allow myself the space and permission to get really clear on exactly what I want. 

As to why this mattered? 

Again, we’re all living physical bodies and our neurological patterns run those bodies. These patterns are beautiful and complex, and there are so many interconnections.

Whether small and seemingly insignificant, to major and more obviously life-changing, we all face decisionmaking on a daily basis.

And Present Day You is where you are, primarily based on decisions that You From A Year Ago made. And Present Day You is also You From A Year Ago, in 2021. 

So those small, daily microdecisions do really matter.

Getting clear on all the things that I want, and that are important to me – and giving myself the permission to do so – that has allowed me to make decisions with much more groundedness and confidence.

The bottom line

In other words, the less energy that gets used up on doubt, guilt, confusion and other energy vampires, the more energy there is to create the life you want in the present and the future.

Acorn + Burdock

When you stand in 2021 and look back, what was your wisest decision of 2020? 

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