Tiny Winter Poems

The following poems I crafted in February 2024 as part of a 15-day “tiny winter poem” challenge by Beth Kempton, in which writers use ten minutes to develop an unedited poem. These feel quite different from my usual approach to poetry (I prefer hybrid works), but the ten-minute limit is purposeful to allow the words just to flow.


The woods are quiet, the air relieving with its chill.

A small moment to notice the iridescent sparks,

Frosty particles drifting from the trees above.

Is this experience only imagined?

For I lie curled up in my den, warm and dark, out of necessity.

And yet, we now share this experience together in our minds,

The last bastion of freedom when all else has been thwarted.

So here we float in this space of refreshing possibility,

Now in existence because we created it together.

Malumir R. Logan


I thought back to the times that had felt like failures, like struggles

And realized that each experience was merely a pebble of transformation

That created all the changes, possibilities and unimaginable realities

In my life so far, like ripples.

And I await the newest liquid resonance

With hope.

Malumir R. Logan


Not quite there yet,

Just a little while longer.

It didn’t work out this time,

But it’ll be your turn next.

As the weeds climb the fence and the gardener snips tall flowers off at the head.

Athletes know when they need to push to their edge,

But the edge is not the place to run a marathon.

Malumir R. Logan


Digging through my handbag that used to accompany me everywhere,

I wonder what observations the embossed unicorn on the tag would share,

What insights the unicorn saw so clearly back then

That I’m only now seeing with vision.

Malumir R. Logan


Each time

I hear

the wail

that pitch

I say

a prayer

to the


for them

on their

worst day



there is

a next


or what

it may

hold, I

think back

to my

worst days

and the

void of


fills the

soul and

mind with

that same


Malumir R. Logan


Cafe tables of all sorts

high tops, counters, or small and round

A half-finished cup of something lovely

latte, strong drip, or espresso

Often an accompaniment

journal, phone or delightful sweet

Environments that fed the soul

bustling, peaceful, or jazzy music

A source of insight in my hands

worn, miniature and familiar

Relics of a time no more

But still I cherish each one true

This tiny encyclopedia of wisdom

Remains unforgotten

Malumir R. Logan


Childhood promises broken



Were no match for promises kept to myself



Fundamental brightness of belief



Casts luminous optimism



Which is how I now collaborate with life

Malumir R. Logan


A place so far from here in time and space
We explored that old country, driving all over,
The grandest adventure we had yet made
Ferries, narrow roads and lanes made for shepherds,
Islands, hills and cities,
We saw it all, yet it is Tobermory I hold close to my heart
Our accommodations weren’t fancy,
But the day with the puffins, our chests just as sparkling
With joy of discovery and connection in nature
The echo of the migratory birds through the years
Still reaches me now
And I’m still with you on the shoreline of Treshnish

Malumir R. Logan


It was the bright lights and possibility

That used to warm my soul,

The sheer numbers and architecture

That allowed me to feel hope.

The optimism that filled my chest

Immersed in those city lights

Remains a present experience—

No need to unseam time.

Malumir R. Logan


I used to believe it was best to direct my thoughts

Until I discovered the thoughts flow in miraculous waves

That if allowed to be written into existence in that form

Hold crystalline truths worth the insight

Malumir R. Logan


Candlelight flickers in the soft bass of early morning as I sit gazing out the window

To see a heavy mist resting silently over the lane, transporting the glow of the street lamp

Illuminating the branches of the February trees growing out of the ground that mirrors the shade of sky

And although I cannot craft or morph the opacity of nature and her external forces

I find my mind wandering down the lane with her, as she reminds me we co-created this life together

And in that moment, despite the uncertainties and travails ahead of me, I encounter peace

Malumir R. Logan


We each have old ghosts we’re conditioned to fear,

They swoop and swell within

And hide in the corners of our souls,

Waiting with a sharp-toothed grin

We tighten our throats ‘round the stems of these weeds,

When these younger selves emerge

But I have learned not to fear or stifle these parts

Or enforce a structured purge

In offering acknowledgement and space to be,

These ghosts grow into wildflowers

No longer trapped in a prescriptive bouquet

As one, I sway in fields of healed power 

(this poem is in reference to Internal Family Systems or IFS work)

Malumir R. Logan


Sailing through time and space

In warm and sparkling effervescence

The whispers of guidance and love

From healed ancestors most ancient

Are offered to us each so gently

We only need the skill to notice

And from this welcoming harbour

Allow grace to voyage back through the ages

Malumir R. Logan


Although many hold contempt for you all year long,

I welcome you and delight in your generosity.

Instead of energy drained and fear doubled,

I look deep into your eyes and witness you.

Malumir R. Logan

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