Tips For Chanting

Have you ever tried chanting as part of a meditation practice? Today I’ll share a couple tips for trying out chanting.

Chanting is a common meditative practice across a number of spiritual and religious belief systems. 

Chanting can be done with any words or sounds, but unless you’re using established mantra, it’s a good idea to stick with positive phrases or positive verses from your own belief’s sacred texts.

Choose something constructive to chant

Chanting involves repeating the same thing over for either a set period of time, or a specific number of repetitions. What we allow or cause our minds to pay attention to is the thing that magnifies, neurologically. So you want to make sure that the thing you’re repeating over and over is something that is congruent with your values and is constructive!

Traditionally from Hindu sacred texts (the Vedas), a mantra is a sacred vocalization that is intended to guide your mind to enlightenment. I encourage you to look into the history of mantra to learn more if you’re not familiar with that history.

My practice is to use chants that reflect existing and personal relationships I have with the Divine. I like to use a mala if I am chanting mantra, or I use different forms of rosary (not all rosaries are Catholic) if I am chanting a version of the rosary. 

But as I mentioned, chanting is a practice that shows up in many beliefs and peoples, so I encourage you to find the one that is best for you.

Additional tips for chanting

In any case, if you try out chanting, here are some tips in addition to the other context I’ve shared above.

  • You don’t necessarily need to chant loudly. You can try chanting at a murmur so as not to disturb or wake housemates or neighbours if that’s a consideration for you.
  • Notice where in your body you’re feeling the chanting as you chant. Does it feel like it’s getting stuck in your throat? Does it feel warm and resonant and deep, even if you’re only murmuring? Where else in your body do you notice it?
  • And then notice how you feel afterward. 

Do you chant? What kind of chanting resonates with you?

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